24 Girl Gone Wild

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  It has been 2 months already and I would admit it that I had improved , because of the training, more like a suicide , though. Whenever I was almost eaten by the other creatures , the queen will clap her hands to halt. She wouldnt let me be eaten by those creatures since I was like a precious item to her.

There are many creatures in this castle or palace that I didn't expect there would be many of them , especially different kinds of them. Their shapes and features were a mess and unexplainable , full of mysteries and disgusting kinds.

2 months , that I haven't heard of the boys. 2 months , not knowing if Jimin is still alive or dead. I've been dying to see them and hear their voices. It felt like something was empty in my heart , a big gap in my heart.

How long will they keep me in the hell place? It's suffocating me... I feel like dying everytime I stay here longer , it was like sucking me in.

" Yah , the queen is calling you and change into this " Nana threw me the fabric again and this time it was different , but of course , it was still black , though.

Black skinny jeans , black strapless leather top and a black boots. The top was different... There's no strap and it was sleeveless , too. I changed into these clothes that Nana gave and it was okay , I guess.

The top hugged my curves and it was somehow revealing my chest , but not too much. It felt different , a little refreshing and soothing. This top was different. It looks like that it sticks to my skin whatever you do and it feels really comfortable in it.

I knocked on the door signalling that I was ready. The mannequins opened the door for me and they were ready to lead the way , as usual. They were okay , I guess? They weren't scary or creepy at all to me now , since they're always there beside my door to guard me.

But they're scary when they're going to attack you , like back when I trained. They crouched down and spread their long arms and legs as they crawled towards me , gritting their sharp teeth. They were absolutely fast , like what the queen has said.

" Ah , you're here now , my dear " she smiled

" Why did you call me? "

She clasped both of her hands " Well , I'm here to inform you that we're having a war " she seemed excited and happy about it , but war? , seriously?

I gulped at the word war , since it's going to be bloody and messy. But war against who? I begged and prayed in my mind that I hope it's not them. Not them please.

" Against who? " I finally had the guts to ask

" It's a secret " she chuckled " You will know sooner or later "

" Later? "

She nodded " The war will start later and you will fight with us " The word us from her disgusted me , but I definitely have no choice but to follow her orders.


We were now walking in the forest , full of trees. The queen was there sitting in her throne , as usual , carrying by the two Silent Creepers.

Was it okay to be here and exposed out of the sudden? Why is it just now , that she's ready to be exposed by the world? Did she plan all of this? Or is she even aware of this?

" Stop " The queen ordered

We heard a gunshot and one of the mannequin was shot on the chest as he crouched on the floor , still alive. They were all fighting against the men and I was just there standing , not knowing what to do. Should I fight with them? I don't know who to fight with , not knowing what side I'm on.

I turned around to have a look at the queen , but then I felt a stab on my neck. A needle in short. Was I injected? What kind of injection? My vision started to get blurry at first and I saw the queen smiling at me while Nana pulled the injection out from my neck . In fact , she was the one who injected me.

I felt something around my neck and saw a hand , a red manicure. It must have been the queen's hand since she was the only one who have red color on her , just like her red lips.

I saw a faint thing that was on my neck. When my eyes started to get clear again , I saw it. It was my necklace , it was with me again. But why am I feeling something strange , there's something different.



Everything was in a rush , the siren came, people panicking and some people crying around in the base. We were in a rush , too. Not knowing what to do first.

They were getting close , maybe Hyerin is also out there , too. But we're not sure about that , since she might be in their place locked up for sure. We must absolutely save her , no matter what happens. She's our only hope and chance to save our world.

We were out from our base , but not too far from the base. We were in the forest , basically. Creatures everywhere , like what we have seen when we were a kid back then.

It was terrifying , of course , but we have to face our fears. We have to earn that courage to win and defeat them , it is our only way to save Hyerin , too.

" Watch out! " Namjoon pointed

We all looked at where he was pointing and there were many of them. We all gulped and got ready for the new set of them. We were all drenched in blood and sweat ; tired , too.

" When is this going to end? " Hoseok said , knowing that he's so frustrated and tired

" Taehyung! " all eyes are on him " What happened to your arm?! " it was bleeding , turning his white polo sleeves into red.

He smiled faintly " I got bit by those creatures " as he pointed out. The one who has 2 pairs of long arms and legs , crawling fastly.

" Can you still fight? " Suga asked

" Yeah , I'll manage somehow " as he ripped some cloth out of his polo and wrapped it around his wound. Hopefully , it would stop bleeding somehow , since it will add pressure to his wound to stop the bleeding.

We saw a giant web just passed through us , almost making us a victim of it. We all both nodded and sprinted towards our enemies as we did our best to kill them.

We heard many gunshot vigorously from somewhere else , not too far. A hint of a woman wearing black skinny jeans , black boots and black leather top was seen. Was she the queen?

She was killing many of our men already and we knew that we're losing some counts already. We all heard another gunshot just near us and we saw one of our men from our back fell on the ground as the woman came closer to us.

" Hyerin? " Jin muttered

We are all shocked and happy to see her finally as Suga hugged her immediately " What are you doing here- " another gunshot as we saw Suga fell on the ground , seeing his stomach pooling from the blood.

" What did you just do?! " Hoseok said looking at her like it was unbelievable thing to do , especially from her

" Your eyes " Namjoon pointed " It's silver "

Hyerin aimed her gun at Suga's head , about to pull the trigger until we heard someone yelled " Hyerin! " she stopped for a moment and we thought she was about to pull the trigger.

" Jimin... " we heard her whisper under her breaths , then another gunshot was heard.

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