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37 Gone

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Where am I? I looked around and saw dark corridors along the hall , pitch black. I can't explain what I feel right now. It feels like I'm scared or frightened. Where are they? , am I lost?

Just then a light turn on and there was someone standing there

" Who's there? " I squinted my eyes to see who it was

" Nana? " I called

She just smiled and then another one appeared , my mom " You should've joined us " Nana said

" No " I muttered low

" We'll still accept you ,dear " her red lips curled up " You just have to beg " Mom said

I gulped " No "

" What did you say? " Mom asked , as she didn't hear what I just said

I looked them in the eye " I said , No! "

" Hyerin- "

My eyes flew open as I felt someone touching me " Don't touch me! " my blood raising in anger , a adrenaline rush flowing through my veins.

" Hyerin , you're hurting me "

My eyes widened " O-Oh my gosh " I immediately stood up from my bed , as I walked towards him

" I-I'm sorry , I didn't mean to , I swear " I said

He faintly smiled " It's alright "

I shook my head as I cupped his cheeks " It's not alright , Jimin. I almost killed you "

" I don't care " he said

" Jimin- "

His lips pressed against on my lips , as he passionately moves them. His hands made way to my waist as he moved them up and down on my waist.

I sat on his lap , as I took off my tank top and kissed him roughly this time. His lips were wandering around my neck , kissing every part of them , making me moan.

I started to grind him while I am sitting on his lap , as he threw his head back and groaned. My lips turned into a smirk , as I saw him groaning and enjoying the pleasure.

he breathed " Hyerin , you're such a tease " he removed his shirt and then kissed me again , as I felt his hand made way to my back and undo my bra. The room was smoking hot already as our body was tensed and sweating already.

" Hyerin- , Oh my gosh , where's my manners! " I covered my body immediately as I heard someone entered the room

" I'm sorry for not knocking the door , and I didn't mean to interrupt you two! " as I just lay my head on Jimin's broad shoulders , still topless. Jimin noticed it , so he grabbed his shirt that was on the floor and made me wear it for now

I smiled at him " Thanks "

" What made you come here , by the way? " Jimin asked

He rubbed his neck anxiously " Uh , Breakfast is ready "

Jimin nodded " We'll be right there , Jin Hyung " as he quickly left the room

I sighed " Well that was awkward "

He laughed " It was fun , though "

I smacked him in the arm " That wasn't fun at all! " I stood up from his lap and got all my stuff that was on the floor , as I see him smiling and still sitting on the floor.

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