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  The room... I was in a room , not too spacious. The wallpapers were royal black , just how the aura emitted. Even their bed sheets and pillow were black... Everything was black , except for the lights , I guess.

I discovered myself alone in this room , nobody was in here. Then I remembered the incident that happened back in our base. Jimin... Was he still alive? I don't even know... I sat up and discovered something weird. I didn't feel anything , no pain. I felt refreshed and back to normal , how come?

I eyed myself and I was wearing different clothes , I wasn't in my white tank top that was flooded with my blood earlier.How many days was I here? Was I unconscious for so many days?

I was wearing a black dress , stopped just above my knees. My fingers went up to my stomach and I felt nothing. No pain at all. What happened? How did it happened? I was so confused , literally confused.

My feet dangled as I stand on the black marbled tiles , my feet feeling cold from the tiles. Everything in here looks sad , horrible , and terrifying. What more when I get out of this room? I went to look for the door and found it. Of course , it was still black.

I pound on the door and there were no reply " Open the door! " I used my voice this time , hoping they could hear me. " Let me out! " I pound on the door even harder.

I focused myself as I tried to kick the door , hoping that it would break off. I kicked it with my leg , full of force until I saw a small crack. I kicked it more , more like non-stop. I saw the door fall apart as it crashed on the floor , I hurriedy went outside to make an escape.

But I was shocked , this place was like a maze. The outside were black also , emitting a black aura. I felt a hand wrapped around my arm as they made their grip tight. I was hopeless.

" Let go!!!! " I pulled my arm , but it was useless.

I looked at the man who was holding me and I took the blame back. I almost screamed when I was faced with their faces , it was horrible. They didn't have a face , no eyes , no nose , no mouth , no ears and no eyebrows. They were like a manequin , except they have colors in their face. A monster indeed.

" Let her go " I heard a voice and it was quite familiar.

" Nana " I whispered , as they did what they were told. " I never knew you were like this " looking at her with disgust.

" Take her to the queen's room " she demanded

Queen? So it's a she, not a he. Am I the first one to get a look at her face? What does she looks like? They took me by the arm as they led they way.

It took a long time to get here in her room just by walking , especially when the men or the no face men took so long to walk and lead the way. We stopped and they gestured me to enter the room. Like seriously? , how can they even see me when they have no ears and eyes?

I opened the 2 big black doors as it made a small squeak when it opened. This place was big , bigger than the room where I was placed earlier. There she was in the middle , sitting in her throne.

It was useless to see and know what she looked like since her face was covered with a black-so-called-like-net around her eye and nose level , her mouth just visible.

" What took you so long to come here " her voice sweet and alluring.

" Well your men was walking so slow that I never knew that they walk so slow " I said

She chuckled and her chuckle turned into a laugh " Oh no , they're not slow walkers. They're very fast , as you can see , they have long legs and arms. " she smiled as her red lips curled up

It looks like that the only color that they have in here is her lips , since it's colored red. Brightly red. Everything here is colored in black , as in everything except for her lips.

" They don't run , they crawl " just by imagining them , it gives me enough goosebumps in my body. " They're a masterpiece " I tilted my head in confusion by what she said. " Icreated them " she answered , as if she knew that I was questoning myself with the look in my face.

" What do you want from me " I said straight to point

She laughed evily as I saw her shifting in her throne " Doesn't this looks familiar? "

I saw my pendant or necklace dangling in her hand " Give it back to me! " I remembered that I had them in my sweatpants just before the day that the incident happened.

" No " she answered coldly

" What do you want?! "

She smiled " You'll do whatever I want that easily? Just because of this? " she held my necklace higher

" No , not that easily "

her smile faded " Then I should crash this into pieces " she held onto it as if she was about to crash it just by using her own hand

" Stop! " thinking that it's Mom's first and last gift to me. I don't want this to go broken and wasted , not that necklace. " What do you want then " I gritted my teeth , not believing what I am doing.

Her smile came back immediately " Work with me " she said

My eyes went big as she said those words. How can I work for her when I don't trust her? I hate doing my own decisions , especially this one. I wanted to cry and scream at the top of my lungs just how frustrated I am right now. Why?! Why is this happening to me?!

" Work with me " she repeated as she raised her one hand , as if she's inviting me

" Why are you doing this? "

She clasped both of her hands as her mouth formed into a straight line " I have my own reasons and it's none of your business , dear " she said

" Don't call me that " I bit my lower lip in irritation

" I can do or call whatever I want "

" I can say whatever I want , too " she can see that I am frustrated already , but it's just making her more interesting.

she shook her head " Na-uh , dear " she held out the necklace again while I just sighed " Remember , I have this with me " She's totally blackmailing me and I hate it. It's killing me inside. It's like she's controling me , and I can't do anything but to just listen to her words and demands.

" So what? , deal? " she said

I know what I'm going to say is going to be insane , but I have no choice. I'm sorry for them. I promise that I will make a way to escape here , but it's going to take some time and effort in it. It might take forever , but I'll try and do my best.

" I'll do it "

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