5 Let go

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He finally let go of me when we reached the classroom. When we open the door , the whole class became quiet as if we did something wrong and just stared at us. The girls keeps on glaring at me and I knew what was wrong , the girls got mad and jealous because of earlier what happened to Suga , Jimin and I. I went to my seat with Jimin and sat down as I unpack my things. Jimin sat down next to me and propped one elbow out as he stared at me.

" Aren't you going to unpack your things? " I said 

" I'll do that later " 

" Then stop staring at me , it will just add more problems in my life " I hissed 

" Problems? " he straightened himself " Is my handsomeness a problem to you? " 

I scoffed " Not that , them " I eyed the girls and Jimin followed my gaze 

" Oh , that~ " 

He chuckled " Don't worry about them " 

" Good morning , Class! " We heard the teacher came in 


When the chime came I immediately went to the rooftop and inhaled some fresh air , a tap was felt on my shoulder. I turn around and saw a sandwich in front of my face , I moved my face a little farther to see who it was. 

" What are you doing? " I asked him 

He smiled " I'm giving it to you " he took my hand and placed the sandwich in my hand 

" You don't have to do it though , Thank you anyway " I unwrapped the wrapper and took one bite of it " Did you made this? " I asked him.

He nodded " How did you know? " 

I shrugged " I don't know , I guessed " I laughed 

He stopped eating and looked at me " What? " I said 

He pointed at me " You just laughed " 

" Yeah? Why? I'm still a human too " 

He shook his head and smiled " It's just I never see you laugh " he took out some tissue and wiped my mouth with it " I made you laugh " he said 

" Seokjin is having a great moment right here~ " We turned our heads and saw them , 6 boys , walking towards us. 

" Oh , Namjoon-ah you're here. " Seokjin took out more sandwiches and handed it to Namjoon and to the others.

" Ah~ Jin Eomma's Food " the boy said deliciously 

Seokjin chuckled " I know you missed my food , Hoseok " 

" So how's Jin's food? " Namjoon asked me 

I thumbs up " It's great and delicious " 

" I'll just go to the restroom " I said 

" Be back , Okay? " Hoseok said 

I smiled " Alright " When did I even got close with them? It was just surprisingly fast and I wonder why don't they hang out with the other girls? 

I washed my hands because they were sticky from the fillings of the sandwich. I got to say , Jin's food was really delicious and amazing. I didn't knew his cooking skills was great , even though he's a boy , he still knows how to cook and make food. Once I turn around I was met by a cold splash of water in my face , it was shocking and refreshing. 

" Deserves you " she said 

I cupped my face and sighed " I don't want to argue with you so please let us live peacefully , okay? "

She scoffed " That will never happen " she kicked on my thigh and that spot she hitted was my wound! " I can see that you have a wound right there " she smirked 

I slowly breathed in and out to relieve the pain " Don't you dare " I gritted 

She was about to do something worse but then the chime rang " Lucky Bitch " 

She left the restroom and headed to her class. I looked at the mirror and my half of my hair was a little wet , it was still dripping. I dripped my hair and wiped my face with my hands. My uniform wasn't that wet , so it was quite alright. I went inside the class and the girls were gossiping about something. 

" What happened? " Jungkook said since he was just seated behind me 

" The usual shit " 

" What do you mean by that- " he stopped " Why is your hair wet? " 

I sighed " Those bitches " I muttered 

He shook his head " It's always them " he sighed " I never liked those girls " 

" I understand " I chuckled 

" You should have punch them " Jimin joined in our conversation 

I rolled my eyes " I don't want to get expelled again " 

" Aw , why? Is it because you don't want to leave us? " Jimin said 

" It's just too tiring to transfer " I said 

" So you're just going to let them hurt you? Is that it? " Jimin scoffed 

" I guess I have no choice , right? " 

" Well I have " Jungkook said 

" What? " 

" We'll protect you " he smiled 

My eyes widen " Oh no , that's not going to happen "  

" Yes it is " 

" You guys are just going to mess it up more! " I frustrated 

" Right? We are? " Jungkook said 

" Not bad " Namjoon said 

" You were listening to it all along? " I said 

Namjoon nodded " Me too " I turn around and saw Suga " Actually all of us here " I saw Jin , Hoseok , Taehyung and all of them looking at me , them seven were listening to it all along. 

I sighed and placed my hands on my forehead " I don't care anymore " 


I heard the music popping through my ears as I held onto the cap tighter and moved to the beat. The people were already crowding and watching , some were serious , smiling , clapping along to the music and cheering. When the music died , I stopped.

The people clapped their hands " That was a great performance! " The host said 

" But we have a volunteer here! " The crowd clapped as we saw 7 boys with caps on entered in the middle. I stood back a little so they can perform and use the stage. The music came on and they danced to the music , one boy did B-Boy and he was really good! Well of them are , I admit. The music came to a stop and we all clapped our hand , including me. They all came upto me and they were offering a handshake as a sign of peacefulness. 

" They performed well too! " The host was amazed " Why don't you guys take off your caps? I want to see your face and I guess we all do , right? " Everyone cheered and said yes 

The boys took of their caps and smiled , my heart stopped for a moment and pumped blood again to circulate the blood around my body. It was them... Jimin , Jungkook , Seokjin , Hoseok , Suga , Taehyung and Namjoon were the ones who danced after my performance.I was then afraid to take off my cap since I don't want them to reveal my face and my passion , it was a secret to me. Well for once again , secrets aren't kept to ourselves forever , there will be times that it needs to be known to the whole world. 


" Ah , N-Neh " I said as I held onto the tip of the cap and finally took it off , I bowed to the crowds and smiled to the boys. Their expression went different , their mouths hanged open and their eyes widen.

" Hyerin?! " They all said as I placed my finger on my mouth to keep their mouths shut and sealed as they know we're in a public place and we need our identity to be kept as a secret. 

" So this is the end of our Street Performance! Thank you for watching and Have a nice day everyone! " Once the performances ended , they all gathered around me.

" Why didn't you told us! " Taehyung said 

" Told you guys what? " I said 

" That you dance! " Namjoon said 

" It supposed to be my secret but then the stupid host... Ugh... " I massaged my temples 

" You were great " Jungkook said 

My phone vibrated and my eyes widen when I saw the caller I.D. , I slid my screen as I answered my phone " Y-Yeoboseyo? "

" Why are you there outside performing again?! " He yelled through the phone as I pulled my phone away , away from my ear.

" What do you mean? " I said 

" I can see you rascal! " he said 

I squinted my eyes and searched for him , then there he is with his phone to his ear " I-I'll go home now , I promise " I ended the call and placed my phone in my pocket.

" I-I better go now " I left them without them having the chance to say goodbye. I went to the host to get my pay and left the place immediately , I rode the bus and prayed to God that everything will be fine. I saw the lights were on and it sucks that he got home first since he always ride a taxi. 

 I sucked on my cheeks and opened the door , a plate came crashing onto the floor and it break into pieces. I should be careful , because the shattered glass are everywhere and I might get hurt. 

" What were you thinking?! " he yelled 

" You performed again and left me without food?! " he went to the living room and got something out , a belt. My eyes widen from fear , since child that was my biggest fear of all , the belt. He wouldn't hit it from the tail of it , but he would hit it with the metal , how cruel. 

I walked backward when he started to come forward , I leaned my back on the corner of the door as I sulked there , not knowing what to do out of fear. My mind was mental blocked , I don't even know what to do because of my fear. 

" Miss this? " he laughed 

" This is what you get! " 

The metal came in contact to my skin and a pain of adrenaline rushed through my body , I whimpered in the corner of the door. Hot tears started to flow through my cheeks. I want to get out of here... I want this to end... I grabbed the shattered pieces that was still on the floor , I stabbed him on the leg.

" Ah! " he tumbled backwards and fall. I grabbed this opportunites to escape , so I opened the door and ran outside. 

" Kim Hyerin! Come back here you ungrateful bitch!" I saw him trying to chase me so I ran as fast as I can.

I ran and ran as fast as I could , escaping from my own house. I looked at my back if he was still chasing me , but I guess not anymore. I stopped walking  once I arrived at an abandoned street and leaned on the concrete wall due to the weakness and pain of my body , full of bruises . I don't know anymore whether I should cry again and sulk here in the corner of the street or kill myself here already. 

I tugged my knees closer to my chest and hugged them and sighed " Why did you leave me? " I took out the necklace from my pocket that was still shining brightly. Its shape is like a crystal shape , but a metal or silver one. 

" Are you alright? " I turned my head and stood up immediately as I tugged my necklace inside my pocket and walked away quickly. 

" Wait! " The footsteps are coming closer and faster , praying that he would stop and decide to walk away from me.

I felt a warm hand grasped my wrist " Wait , you're hurt. I just wanted to help  " 

" Let go of me " but the person didn't listen at all.

I turned my head " I said let go of me , will you?! " The person looked shock as if the person saw something horrifying , if that's what you call them.

The person finally let go of my wrist  " Your eyes... " 


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Author's Note: Who is that person? Hmmm... Well the person is quite obvious that it's one of the BTS member , but who? and what about her eyes? hehehehe 

As you can see , the last part is the foreword hehehe Please comment down and no ghosties~ T^T

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