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40 For Love

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  They immediately came running and they had a frown on their faces. I knew that something was going on and it wasn't a good or pleasant one , I guess. It was written all over their faces.

" What's wrong? " hoping everything is all right , even though I knew it wasn't. Just a tinge of hope.

" We were attacked " Jin said

Chaerin unnie panted and didn't even had the time to properly breathe , as she spoke immediately " We should go inside now "

My brows furrowed , as I counted them in my mind " Where is Jimin? "

The three of them looked at each other " He lured them out for us " Hoseok responded this time

" We should definitely go inside now " Chaerin unnie said

I gritted my teeth " I will not leave this place without him "

Namjoon sighed " Hyerin "

" There's no time " Namjoon hesitated

I bit my lower lip " Give me one minute! "

Come on. Where are you Jimin. Why would you do such thing that can cost your life. You can't die on me , not right now. This isn't the right time , Jimin. At that time , I felt a pressence not too far. But it wasn't Jimin's , it has evil pressence.

I shut my eyes tightly and opened them again " He can't make it " I admitted , even though it hurt me a lot to say it out loud in front of them

Jin furrowed his brows " Why not? "

I felt their pressence again " They're too many "

" We can oust them , if we work together , you know " Chaerin suggested

I shook my head " I would've done that , too , but they're humans , too "

I sighed " We can only defeat them without trying to kill them , which is impossible "

" Unless , we really kill them with no choice " and we all knew it was a bad idea to let those innocent people come to us and die

Why couldn't I feel his pressence? Could anything bad happened to Jimin? I felt goosebumps all over my body , as I just thought of that. It may happen and it's possible , too , since there's no any similar pressence that belongs to him.

As soon as I was about to lose some hope , I felt another pressence. It was no doubt that it was him. A small tinge of hope came back again , but other half of hope was still dead. He was a little too far than the rest of them. Our enemy was a lot closer to us right now.

" Jimin is still alive , but his too far from us " I said

Namjoon's ears perked up , as he immediately grabbed my arm and insisted them to come inside already , while I was trying to cut loose from his grip. Hoseok closed the door , which was somehow broken already.Everyone came to see with their guns pointed at us , but they dropped their arms once they knew it was us.

" To the wall! " Namjoon ordered

" Here , everyone! " They followed Taehyung , since he knows the wall , too

Namjoon's grip was still tight , as he dragged me to the place where the wall is. I have never felt this way before... The pressence of the wall was too different from the others. It was full of mixed feelings and pressence. This might be how powerful the pressence of the wall is.

" Hyerin? " Taehyung called out

I looked at him and waited for him to talk , which he did " You look out of it , you ready? "

I nodded , but before he could do it. A strong gush to the door was heard. We all looked at each other and Chaerin unnie just hunger her head low and gulped. Taegeuk was still staying strong , trying her best not to cry.

Hoseok nudge him with his elbow " Hurry , do it , Taehyung "

All of our hands got connected and Namjoon was still beside me , his grip on my left hand still tight. He thought I would escape , which I should've done it on the first place. Chaerin unnie on my right side , her head hung low still.

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