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38 Legend

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Where am I? Am I dead already? I feel all drained out... What happened to me? My vision , everything was still blurry infront of me. But I know I'm not in a safe place or in a nice place either.

For a minute , my vision started to clear up and I somehow hoped that I haven't got my consciousness yet. You ask my why? This place... It looks like a asylum or a lab.

I am in a chair , both hands and legs are tied up. No use to struggle and to put an effort , cause it's completely useless. I looked at my surrounding and saw someone.Rina.

" Rina " I called out , but she was still unconscious. She seemed okay and fine to me , since she doesn't have any wound , I guess? So that's a relief.

Right when I was about to scream , I coughed up. A blood came out from my mouth and it tasted like a rust , it really didn't taste good. Where did this come from? Why am I wounded and a mess? My shirt was somehow pooled by blood , my blood.

I groaned , as I heard someone entered " Gained some consciousness? "

I squinted my eyes " Hyerin? "

She chuckled " No , I'm not Hyerin "

I somehow managed to let out a laugh " Stop lying , that's you "

" I'm her Mom " she said

My brows furrowed and I seriously felt a goosebumps all over my body. How can that be? She looks exactly like Hyerin , like a carbon copy... It seems impossible , but it's real. Everything is real...

" So , it was true " I said

She raised a brow " I guess you got Chaerin's message "

I sighed " What are you going to do with us? "

Her lips curled up , as she walked closer to me and held my chin up " Too bad , Hyerin didn't choose you "

My brows furrowed " Shut up "

" Aw , how poor of you " she patted my head

I bit my lower lip " How do you know all of this "

" Let's just say that it's part of the legend and rule? " she said

I raised a brow " Legend and rule? " She turned her back on me and headed over the tray , as she fixed something that I couldn't manage to see what she was doing.

" Are you sure that you want to know this legend? " she muttered softly , but I still managed to hear them

" I don't mind , just tell me! " as I started to cough up more blood again. More rust to taste.

She shrugged , as she turned to face me " The legend is that Hyerin and Jimin will end up together no matter what happens "

" How? That makes no sense at all " I said

She chuckled " That's why it's a legend "

I heaved slowly " Does the legend connects about you and Hyerin's identity? "

" Well , that's a yes " she said simply

I furrowed my brows " But you didn't end up who looked like Jimin, so the legend isn't true "

She smiled " That's where you are wrong " her eyes deeply staring into my eyes , as she went towards me and cupped my cheek

" It's nice to hold your cheek again " she exclaimed

I turned my head sideways , disgusted of her " You never hold my cheek before "

She grabbed my chin and forced me to face her " You are included in this legend , too "

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