46 Who are you?

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  " Where should we stay from now on? " Hoseok asked silently , as the others stayed alert for any signs of creatures.

" We still don't know know " walking on this never ending path that's full of dead leaves " We can't find any cottage that can be occupied , all of them are burnt down into pieces already " passing by another cottage that turned black as it looked horrible.

They would of course have the time to burn all of these cottages , since we would always hide for our safety. But this time , we cannot hide anymore. We would face the real danger and horror this time.

" Smart , aye " Jimin still carrying Taehyung on his back as he lifted him up again

" Aren't you tired? " I asked him

He looked at me and his lips curved up " Why , you're worried for your hot boyfriend? " while I just rolled my eyes and ignored him. " I'm fine , don't worry " as I felt his hand made way upto my cheek and pinched on it slightly.

" Stop the PDA " Suga groaned and cringed as he wrapped himself with his hands to contain the goosebumps that he's having right now

" You're just jealous , because you're still single " as Jimin patted him on the back

The night was coming and the day was ending , the horror is indeed coming to scare and horrify us , too. What scared me was , we were still walking on this never ending path and haven't even got one shelter to protect us for the night. We weren't safe at all , we were in danger.

" We're doomed " Suga's hands brought upto his face as he sighed shakily " How can we survive like this " looking at our dark surroundings as it was eating us in.

" It's not about we can , It's about we must survive " as what Chaerin unnie said was the truth and fact

I can't believe that we're staying the night out here in this unsafe and dangerous forest , while we still have Taehyung who's injured and unconscious. Everything seems surreal , but this is reality. This is what we've came for.

" Who should guard first? " Jin asked

Jimin was about to raise his hand , but Namjoon just glared and shook his head " You should rest for a while , Jimin " He was about to protest , but I just placed a firm hand on his shoulder to just follow and do as what he was told to do.

" You've done your job now , so rest " he looked straight into my eyes for a second until he nodded and sat down beside where Taehyung was layed against the thick tree.

Once I dealed with Jimin , I suggested a plan " 3 people must guard while the others rest " Everyone looked pleased , so they just agree with it.

" I'll go first then " Namjoon offered himself first in the plan

Jin raised his hand " I'll go , too "

" I should probably come with you- "

" No , you should rest , Hyerin " Chaerin unnie patted my shoulder " You're tired from all the works you've done for today "

" I'm not tired , unnie " She forced me to sit down against the tree as I was told to sit there and not to move , telling me to get some rest and sleep.

" I'll go , instead of her " She said

" But Noona- "

She glared at Suga " Yah , don't underestimate me " as if she was mocked by Suga that she can't even fight or guard.

Namjoon clasped his hands " Okay , we're set "

I watched them going to their destination to have their shift started as I saw Namjoon climbing up the tree , I knew he was going to guard and look out from the tree to have a clear view and sight to watch. He was clever indeed.

Jimin was sleeping peacefully next to Taehyung , who's not yet waking up. We were almost there to save Jungkook and Rina , but this happened. Unpredictable things happened. Taegeuk got into an accident and died because of it , while Taehyung got himself injured , not able to take it anymore.

Speaking about Jungkook and Rina , how are they? Are they still breathing and alive? , are they still hanging on? I couldn't even imagine what happened to them already , even though maybe deep in my heart and soul that they're already gone.

" You did this to me " his shirt torn and his body full of blood " You did this... " his eyes full of anger " It's all your fault! " he pulled from his seat , but he was chained and it was useless for him to escape and reach out for me.

" Jungkook , " my legs giving up , because of its horrible and terrifying sight " What happened to you... " My hand reaching out for him , but it was too far from him.

I crawled beside him and touched his hands and the chain " W-What happened to you? " his blood everywhere.

" If it weren't for you , this wouldn't happen to me! " his hand vigorously shaking and wanting to let go of the chain as I pulled back my hand because I was shocked " You should've done something! "

" You got my messages yet you didn't do anything! " his eyes shaking in anger

" Jungkook , I-I went into your room but you weren't there anymore " as I tasted a salt-like taste in my mouth when I knew that my tears went inside my mouth.

" You went inside my room , because all of you were looking for me , not because you wanted to! " It was true , what he said. At that moment , I knew that I can't do anything for him for now. I was lost in words , I didn't know what to say.

" Jungkook- "

He turned his head to the other side to avoid me " I wish you would just die and rot in hell , Hyerin "

My eyes flew open after Jungkook said those last few hurtful words to me , a dream that made her heart shatter. She wiped her sweats that formed around her forehead and even wiped her cheeks when she noticed something coming down from her eyes.

She can't believe that she fell asleep just when she was thinking and worrying about Jungkook and Rina earlier. She looked at her surroundings and found the place still the same like the last time. She can still see Jimin sleeping next to Taehyung , Jin and Chaerin unnie guarding , and Namjoon still on top of the branch.

" What's that? " She murmured to herself as she furrowed her brows.

She scanned through the vicinity , but it was dark , not able to see anyone or anything strange. But something made it strange , making her stay more alert. I'm sure that I felt something , a presence , I told myself.

I slowly stand up and searched the area , leaving them as I search it for myself. It was getting closer as I can feel its presence getting closer. A dark shadow were seen laying against the tree as it looked human.

" Jungkook , Rina? " It can't be , right? When it heard my voice , it stand up and immediately hid behind the tree as I saw it limped. Was it a human? , or a mannequin trying to lure me in? I stepped closer and heaved a sigh as I grabbed it on the neck and pushed it against the tree , where it was hiding.

" Don't hurt me " The woman cried

I dropped her immediately and apologized " What are you doing here outside? , it's dangerous! " scanning her whole body " You're hurt " her arm bleeding as I also remember she was limping earlier when she hid behind this tree.

She looked at her arm and covered it " I survived "

" Survived? "

She looked around carefully and looked me in the eye " I survived from them , I was locked in there " a tear starting to form in her eyes as she remembered those awful times.

" You came from our base " as she just nodded quickly

I sighed and was glad to find a survivor who have escaped , this would be a great news , I thought. " Come on , I'll take you with us. You'll be fine with us " I took her hand , but she didn't budge at all.

" Hey , what's wrong? " looking at her to ask what's wrong " You're going to be fine- " then her body dropped to the ground , dead. Once it fell on the ground , a human-like form was standing in front of me, or should I say , a real human was standing in front me.

" Who are you? "

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