11 If only

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I groaned as I reached for my phone that was just beside the lampshade , it was morning and I was still sleepy. Good thing Namjoon gave me a room , a private room , just for me. I layed on my stomach and checked my phone.

" Wakey Wakey :) " - Jiminnie

What the hell? Since when did he changed his name here in my contacts?

" Thanks for changing the name -_- " - Hyerin

" You're welcome and hurry up , we're going to be late for school " - Jiminnie

" Fine , I'll get ready now -_- " - Hyerin

I threw my phone just beside me , not too far and not too strong. As I placed my face against the matress , still feeling sleepy. Maybe , I could just fall asleep just for a minute , a minute only. One minute is enough for me , just let me sleep only , I said to myself.

" You're going to go back to sleep? " My eyes were starting to close already before I heard his voice , I turned around and took the blanket to wrap it around my body.

He scoffed " It's no use to hide it with a blanket "

I glared at him " How long were you here? "

" Hmm , I got here and saw you in the bed still sleeping peacefully " My cheeks redden as it turned into a pinkish-red color.

" You didn't do anything bad, right? " I said

He leaned closer to me and now I am trapped in between his arms that was both beside my arms , trapped , absolutely trapped. His face just an inch close to my face , it looks so wrong , totally wrong. I am doomed if someone caught us like this at the moment.

" Did I? " His breath slapping against my nose , mouth and cheeks " Should I do it now? " he said as if he was literally mocking , teasing and insulting me , all at the same time!

I poked a finger on his forehead and pushed it " I'll go for a wash and get ready for school , you're just wasting my time and your time , too , Jimin " finally not trapped in between his arms.

" If I am with you , then it's not a waste of time " he said

I stared at his eyes and made a ' are you serious ' look/face at him " Whatever " as I stood up and looked for a door that was connecting to my room , but there were none.

" Umm , where's your restroom? " I asked

" Oh right , about that " he ruffled his hair and I only noticed it now that he was looking so sexy right now with his bed hair messed up , I gulped and shook my head to get rid of the thought " Since this room doesn't have one , you have to use the restroom that's in the hallway , unless you want to use someone else's restroom in their room " he smirked

" Nevermind , I'll just use the one in the hallway " Getting my uniform and other necessities that I need for later in the bathroom

" Well it would be fun if you're going to use in my room " he cheekily smiled

" Byuntae! " I said the last word to him before closing to door in front of him as I marched towards the bathroom.


" No! D-Don't! "

I kept on hearing their voices behind the school ,an small alley , or should I say the dumpsters. Where you would find the trash cans and the most horrifying smell ever in the whole world. Their voices kinda irritated my ears and I had no choice to find out who's behind all of this.

" Stop all of this , please... " the pity girl pleaded as I just stood there in the corner and watched " Take away anything! " she said with her tears flowing through her cheeks.

" Then give us your money " My eyes widen as I heard the word money , all they want was the money , nothing else. How harsh. Nowadays , people always loves to depend on money , like you can bring that when you die. As if you can buy happiness with it. Foolish and stupid people are like that.

What makes it more interesting is that , these people who are troubling the pity girl are the girls in our school , who loves to bully and hurt other people. The girl who tried to hurt me before was also included in there , how interesting.

" N-No , not my money " They took her backpack and unzipped them as they put all her things out , her things now on the concrete floor. Once their hungry eyes found her wallet , they immediately grasped for it and pulled out all her money.

" I worked hard for that! " She tried to reach for it but then she was pushed back , she pushed back the girls again and they were shocked.

The girls smirked and scoffed " I never knew that it would turn out like this " she pulled out something from her skirt and it was a pocket knife. The girl played with her pocket knife and swiveled it around the pity girl's face dangerously with no pity.

" That's enough " I pulled the pity girl's wrist as I pushed her behind me

" It's you again " she said as she played with her pocket knife " What do you want? " she gritted her teeth " You wanna become a hero now? to show it to the whole world and brag it about it? huh!? "

" You're crazy " I said

She scoffed " Crazily dying to kill you " as she pointed the pocket knife and it was just a inch away from my nosebridge

I was either frustrated or dying to kill her like what she had said to me a while ago , but of course , I wouldn't do that , right? If I do , then that's totally not me. If looks or stare could kill or hurt people , too.

" Ah! " the girl winced and she automatically dropped her pocket knife as she kneeled on the concrete ground while I was just staring at her with my brows furrowed.

" Yah , what's happening to you suddenly " the other girls said

" My head starts to hurt like hell! " The pocket knife was already dropped on the ground so there's nothing more to worry about anymore , but once I saw my reflection in the pocket knife , my eyes were different , they were silver.

I grabbed the wrist of the girl and lead us outside , where they can't find or follow us. I tried as hard as I can by not looking at her ,just looking at her would just make a mistake.

I let go of her wrist and I was still not looking at her , execpt I was looking at the ground. " You may go now " I said

" Thank you earlier- "

" Just go! " I cut her off , not wanting to hear it , since I'm in a huge problem " You can thank me anytime , just go! " I can see her face sad and scared , just without looking at her face. " If you want the money , I'll take it back for you- " My knees felt weak and my vision suddenly turned black , pitch black.

I can still hear her calling my attention , even though she doesn't know my name. She shook my body non-stop , but not that strong or weak , just normal. Then after that , I can't hear a thing at all anymore.

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