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  " How are you feeling? " My head turns to face the doctor with his clipboard on his other hand while writing some words on it , probably on how I am improving day by day.

" I'm feeling better , I guess " honestly answering his question.

" Better? " he raised his eyebrow , as he puts down his clip board, hanging downwards.

" I mean physically " shrugging both of my shoulders.

" How about mentally? " the doctor asked.

" It hurts , whenever I try to remember something... " avoiding any thoughts as of the moment.

" You shouldn't push yourself ; It's dangerous , and now is not the time yet " my head bobbing up and down , like a kid getting scolded from her parents.

After for some few seconds that has passed , I lifted my head and met with his eyes. " How did I end up here , Doc? "

" You were involved in a car accident , Miss "

A car accident? My heart sank , once I've heard the reason why I am here in this place - hospital. I couldn't imagine myself getting hit by a car , my body falling on the ground and some blood washing all over the concrete ground , I just couldn't.

" How did I make it out alive? " my throat getting dry.

" The hit was a little strong and damaged some your ribcage , but you still made it out , right? Look at you right now , you're alive and awake now. " the doctor smiling from cheek to cheek.

" Why was I comatosed? How long was I in a coma? " my heartbeat getting faster.

He gets his clipboard again and read his notes , from what he had wrote down there. " You've hit your head on the concrete ground , and the impact was somehow strong that led you to a comatose. How long were you in a state of comatose? , almost 1 year ".

1 year of lying in that bed and 1 year of being unconscious , how couldn't I remember any of these? Is 1 year really that long to make me not remember anything else? Nothing has left in my mind , nothing ; It's just full of air , knowledge , and wisdom , nothing else , no memories.

" Do you have any more questions? You may just come to me , if you have any questions " leaving the room , before I could say anything to him.

Here I am now , left alone in the room , no idea of where my parents are right now ; where are they , exactly? Before I could think of anything as of the moment , my parents came in and apologized for leaving me alone in the room.

" Sorry , sweetheart , we just bought you a lunch " eyeing the packed-lunch that's in her hands , as Dad got the small table and placed them just in front of me.

" Eat up " Mom placing the food on the table , not forgeting the chopsticks.

" How about you? " not forgetting about them , of course.

" We're fine , so don't worry and eat up " her hands gesturing for me to eat and get full.

I stared at the table and got the chopsticks first , as I separated them into two , since it was still intact to each other. I gripped onto it and stopped for a while , staring at the food in front of my eyes.

" What's wrong? You don't like the food? " she said.

I shook my head " I can't use this, " raising the chopsticks " I don't know how to use it " slightly avoiding eye contacts from them.

She laughed and stood up from the chair that's beside the bed that I'm sitting on " Of course , your hands aren't used to it anymore "

" Hold on , I'll just get a spoon and fork instead " leaving the two of us in the room.

" Once you're discharge from the hospital , we will fly back to Korea " Dad said , cutting the silence.

" Korea? , " my eyebrows furrowing " where are we right now, then? "

" We're in America right now "

There are a lot of things to know , I said to myelf. What else don't I know? , and what should I know for now? All I know is , I really need to catch things up quickly , to avoid getting behind.

" Why not get hospitalized in Korea? " I said.

He sighed and shook his head " We did actually , but... "

" But? " anticipating his answer.

" They weren't attending to our needs - one of the reason why you almost died... " his voice becoming softer when the word 'die' came out from his mouth.

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