9 Cry

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  It wasn't just a simple death that she did for me , it was a sacrifice. Why did she do that? If ever she was still alive now in this time , then I wouldn't have suffered alot of things.

" How did you know the story " I asked them

" In short , we have a friend who knows your mom before she passed away " Namjoon said smoothly

" I want to meet that friend and know about my mom more "

" No , you can't meet with her "

" Why not? "

" Cause it's dangerous " he said

" What's dangerous ? "

" Hyerin , we don't live in this world "


I pulled down my blanket that was on face , the sunlight shined upon my face as I covered the light with my palm. Was it just a dream? was everything just a dream? I hoped so , until I saw myself in a unknown room. It wasn't a dream , it will never be. Cause this is the reality , we have to face it no matter how rough it is.

My feet touched the floor and my hands touched the door knob " We don't live in this world " I whispered as I twisted the door knob " Then , where then? " I said to myself as I went out of my room.

" Good Morning "

" Good Morning , Suga "

"Had a nice sleep? " he asked

I nodded " I did " even though half of it was not true.

" Let's go downstairs and have our breakfast , Jin already cooked them " I nodded again and we both went downstairs by using the big staircase. We all gathered in the table bit by bit and as time passes by , many thoughts came to my mind. How can they just live here in this big house or should I say , big mansion? They're just seven of them here , living under in a big humongous roof.

" Where are your parents? If it's not too rude to ask " I said as I sipped on the soup first

They all glared at each other and Jungkook just chuckled " They're gone " as simple as that , we all went quiet

" I-I'm sorry " I didn't asked question anymore on how they died or etc. I felt all of their pains by losing a parent , it's just plainly sad and painful. Everything is such a mess already , isn't it?

" We already bought you some clothes " Taehyung said after the long awkward silence

" SInce when? " I said

" Last Night , when you walked away and slept " Yes , I walked away. I couldn't take it anymore , hearing those stuff. At first , I thought they were just non-sense stuff , but but by bit , I have no choice but to accept the fact. I knew what I did was a child act , but what I've heard was enough , enough to mess up my life.

" If you have any questions just ask us and if you want to go out , ask any of us "

" I want to visit my house " The whole place became silent again

" No , It's dangerous- "

" Please " I looked at their eyes and begged

I want to visit my house to get my other things and stuff. You might not know that my dad was still alive or there's a possibility that there's a trace of him , somewhere else. But I knew that I was just raising my hopes up and kidding myself , how funny.

" Okay , have Taehyung with you "

" Oh come on , why me- " Namjoon glared at Taehyung for a seconds then Taehyung just nodded " Alright , I'm fine with this , definitely fine " he said

I smiled " Thank you "


" Yah! what's taking you so long?! " I yelled at the top of my lungs waiting for him at the staircase

" Wait! I'm looking for something that I can't find right now! " I heard him throwing things that was from his drawers " Found it! " he went downstairs and he placed something inside his waist , not in the pocket but waist.

My eyes widen in horror " What's that... " I pointed at his waist " What did you hid there , it can't be right... "

He smiled " For emergency " He lifted his shirt up and it is a gun , black metal gun , that was sticked to his skin. He didn't put it inside his pocket , cause that would be too obvious. So he inserted it inside or in between his pants , but once he lifted up the shirt for me to see his gun , I didn't just saw a gun but half of his body as well.

" Beautiful , isn't it? " he said

I nodded " It is , kinda " I gulped not knowing what I am referring to already

He put back his shirt down and smiled " Let's go? " I nodded


Here we are in front of my house and gate , widely open. I was about to step forward inside , but Taehyung grabbed my wrist. I looked at him with confusion that was written all over my face.

" I'll go in first , just in case " I sighed and just nodded

I saw him as he took a step in front of me while I just followed him , his back facing me. He opened the door more wider , that was opened in just a creak of it.

" I think it's clear " he said

" Well that's great then " I said

Once we got inside of the house , the floor and the inside was a mess. Glass shattered into pieces , things thrown on the ground and you shouldn't also forget about the blood. I gulped my own saliva as I saw this horrifying place that they made last night , it felt sick.

" This is sick " Taehyung mumbled and it is sick

" I'll just go upstairs to look for my things " I said

" Alright , just yell if anything happens "

The sound of the stairs creaking when I went upstairs was what I have missed , eventhough it was only less than a day that I haven't been here. I went immediately to my room and got all what I needed as I placed them in my big bag , I also got the money where Dad used to put it in his vault.

I went to the living room after and there it is , my mouth gaped open as I covered them in horror. A dead body was seen on the ground , lifeless and full of blood. The living room was filled with the sick smell of the lifeless body that was just laying there still.

" Oh gosh " I said to myself and walked closer to the dead body as I kneeled down on my knees. Of course , it was no other than Dad. " How cruel " Here I am crying again for the millionth times

" How cruel that they just left the body here " Taehyung spoke once he got into the living room

I felt a pair of hands that rested against my shoulders " We didn't came here to cry , didn't we? " I heard him say

I nodded and stood up slowly as Taehyung assured me , I bit my lower lip to ease the pain. Hoping that biting my lower lip would take my pain away , but it didn't. I was still looking at the dead corpse , not knowing what to do except for crying. Taehyung turned me around to face him , I felt his hands placed upon my cheeks , his warm hands.

" Be strong , Hyerin " I nodded and tears rolled down non-stop , he pulled me closer to him in a warm embrace. His chin on top of my head , resting. His vanila scent was so alluring that I wanted to drown in his vanilla scent.

" Why is this door widely open? " I heard someone said " Did we left it like this? "

" Maybe " the other one said

We both looked at each other and we know someone is coming inside , we're totally doomed if we get caught. Was it them again? The same guy who killed my father?

" Shit " Taehyung took out his gun and ready them

I pulled him towards an empty room that was in the first floor , which was a guest room only , no beds , no lights , no desks , except for a small cabinet only. We both tried to fitted inside the small cabinet and waited for them to go away. Our body touching and our faces just an inch close , I can smell his vanila scent again.

" There's someone here " the guy said as we can hear their footsteps " There's a bag " Shit. The bag , I forgot about it. Their footstep are becoming cleared , louder and nearer , we knew that they're already in this room.

" Be ready " Taehyung whispered

The door of the cabinet creaked and they were about to open , any moment now. I inhaled some air and gulped , going trust on my own instincts.

" 1 , 2 , 3 "

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