34 3 Unsaid Words

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  " Are you alright? " I heard as he entered my room.

I smiled and nodded " I will be "

I felt the bed weighed down as he sat beside me " I'm here " he said , as he stroke my hair

I hugged him as I nodded " I will remember that , Jimin "

" Did you take a shower? " he asked

" What?! " I suddenly released my arm that was around him as I snif myself if I stink , but I know that I just took a shower. So it's impossible that I stink that much already.

He hugged me back " I'm kidding " his chin on the crook of my neck " You always smell good , eversince we met "

I pulled back and glared at him " Stalker " as he just pecked my lips and smiled

" Yah! "

he pouted " What , I can't kiss my girlfriend now? "

My heart thumped faster once I heard the word girlfriend , he called me his girlfriend , girlfriend. I hope someone or somebody could slap me , if this is a dream or a simple hallucination. But it was all real , I was real and he was real also.

he waved his hand in front of my face " Hello? , you still there? "

I snapped out of my thoughts " Y-Yeah "

He raised a brow " You weren't day dreaming about me , weren't you? "

" No! , why would I do that?! " I said

he smirked " Oh , really? "

I smiled " Its just I'm really happy and thankful "

" For what? " he said

" For staying by my side always and for waiting me " I said

I know that he waited me for so long just to know my feelings , if it was for him or for someone else. If it wasn't for him whom he waited me for so long , where am I right now?

I sighed " I know you waited for me , but what could've happen if my feelings were not for you but for someone else? "

His hands brought up to my face as he cupped my cheeks " I know it was a long wait and a risk for me to wait for you , but it was worth it " his hands still on my cheeks " You are worth the wait "

He shook his head " No , Everything I do for you is worth it " his eyes staring into my eyes , too

" I love everything about you , how you smile , how you talk , and how your eyes stare deeply into my own eyes " he said

I laughed softly " Gosh , that sounds creepy " as I saw him do the pokerface and just raised both of hands " Geez , I was just joking. You may continue now , Mr.Park "

He smiled " I love you , Mrs. Park "

Mrs. Park? Park Hyerin? I smiled at the thought of it , just by hearing and imagining it. How it would be fun and lovely to have his surname as my soon-to-be-surname.

My smile somehow faded after I realize something. I know that our relationship will not last long since who knows , we might break up , right? But still , we still can't predict what would happen. Expect the unexpected , right?

Of course I want to have our own children maybe someday when the right time has come. But the thing is , will this hell-life in our world end? It hurts my pride that I kept on wishing and hoping these kinds of stuff , and realizing them in the end that you may not achieve and accomplish any of them. It's like wishing upon a star , but as we all almost know , that star that we're wishing upon is a dead star. So like our dreams,hopes , and wishes.

I was about to say those important 3 words back to him when a knock on the door was heard, and of course , I wasn't able to say it to him. I wanted to say it to him , but it was too late.

" Oh , am I disturbing you guys? "

He shook " No , you may stay here noona , since I was done anyway " he looked at me and winked , as I winked him back

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