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  Everything was going to be fine , since we're back as a one big group again. Everyone was here , looking fine and still looking healthy as ever , including Chaerin unnie , after her recovery.

" We're complete " Namjoon said

Everyone nodded " What are we supposed to do now? " Suga asked

" This is where we're going to start our mission " Jin answered

Hoseok raised his hand " Where do we go? "

I cleared my throat " I can search for the place "

" Trust me " I said , as no one spoke

Namjoon nodded " Then we should get started "

Back in the small cottage , they were arranging theirselves and fixing their own stuff for our departure to hell while Taehyung and I were the ones who would search for the place.

The people in the cottage didn't allow me to go by myself , since they said that I needed an escort when bad things will happen. Even though I told them that I can deal these things by myself. Of course they know that I have these abilities to protect myself , but they just wanted to make sure that I was going to be safe.

" Hyerin "

" Hm? "

he sighed " What if... "

I raised a brow " What if? "

" What if we win this war? " I bit my lower lip

Could we possibly win? I'm not being a pessimist , but let's face it. Let's face the reality for a while. There are thousands of creatures out there and we're just a small group in their eyes.

It's still unbelievable that we're still alive after all what's happening in this dimension / world. Not to mention , that in the other world , they're infected by the chemical. It's a total chaos , to be honest.

" Then we win " seeing the dead brown leaves on the ground , making a crunchy sound everytime we step on it. But of course , we're trying to be quiet and careful as much as possible.

" I mean , like what are you going to do after? " his hands expressing every word that he says

His question got me.Exactly , What will I do when this is all over? Should I head back to the other world and stay there for the rest of my life? Well , it's a nice thing , though.

I always wanted to finish my studies first , as I go to college for a better future and job. Then have a family of my own , as I raise my own child/children. That's what I've always wanted , a simple but beautiful life. That's what I've imagined before.

Or , will I just stay here for the rest of my life protecting this world? I actually don't know... This is where my Mom was born , she belongs here. But do I originally belong here , too?

" I actually don't know " I admitted

He nodded , as he respected my answer and decision " I'll maybe stay here and look after my one and only sister " he said , even though I wasn't even asking him , but I didn't mind it.

I stopped walking " I found it " I pulled him behind the big tree , just enough us to hide and cover the both of us.

I pointed my finger on the farthest distance " There "

He frowned " But I don't see anything "

" Exactly " I said

He sighed " This is not funny , Hyerin "

I looked at him " Do you think that I'm just joking around here " having a serious face which totally silenced him

" Then kindly explain? " he said

I sighed at his dumbness and for not realizing at all. He may be dumb sometimes , but it's not his fault , so I understand him. But it you were to compare Taehyung and Suga , then Suga would be the dumbest person that I've ever known , seriously. I can't believe it that he still made it alive , though.

" Do you see those spacious place , where there's no trees at all? " He nodded

I crossed my arms while looking at him " It's strange , isn't it? "

He nodded immediately " It is "

I mentally face-palmed " You're supposed to answer me why it's strange "

" It's invincible? " his tone making it not so sure about his answer , but I knew it to myself that he was right. He got the correct answer.

I smiled " Ding Dong Daeng~ "

His mouth gaped open " It is?! " I managed to cover his mouth just in time , after scolding him by expressing it too loud.

Furrowing his brows " Then how are we supposed to see it? "

" We'll find a way " I said , as he marched towards , but I held his arm to stop him

" Yah , what are you trying to do?! " I hissed in a low voice and tone

He shrugged " I'm finding a way? " as he turned his back on me and walked faster than his usual one

" Yah! " still trying to maintain my low voice

He was near the center of it and searched for any clues , as I ran upto him and held onto his arm. But he just nudged my arm , not minding about it. He was being stubborn already and I can't risk any of our lives searching for a clue near the middle of their invincible base! It's crazy and pathetic!

" Kim Taehyung , not like this. This is crazy " I held his arm again , but he nudged me again as his arm hit on my collarbone. I felt something snapped and saw my necklace on the ground.

" Taehyung , you're being such a brat! " as I forced him to stay still with my ability

I sighed and shook my head as I took my necklace that was still on the ground , full of brown leaves scattered on the ground. It was still easily seen and spotted ,since it was shining under the sun light. I held it in my hand and gripped on it , as he stayed still there , looking at me.

" I'm sorry " he said

" I said not like this " annoyed and frustrated

He hung his head low and bit his lip " I just wanted to end this war already "

He wanted to end this war. We all do. Who wouldn't want it to end , right? Maybe they ( the evil creatures ) do , without a doubt. We were all sick of being trapped , scared , hidden and hurt.

" I know how you feel ,but it won't end things well if we will be in a hurry " thinking that it might just end things pretty badly " All we need is patience" Patience is a virtue , I told myself.

" You almost got the both of us caught and killed " It was possible , if he kept on searching and being such a stubborn man earlier.

His head turning sideways " I wasn't thinking- "

" Hyerin... " his head still turned sideways

I followed his gaze slowly and my heart thumped faster. My stomach turned into a knot as it churned , making me sick. I was nervous. I can sense the dark aura surrounding it and it was too strong. Too dark and too black. The exact thing of what I've seen before when I was trapped in the hell place. It was too dark , that it could suffocate you through its darkness.

I've never seen the outer place of the base , but now I do. It looked quite old , it looks like dungeon. A tall bricked wall that's painted in black , as we stood almost near to it.

I gulped " We found it... "

Author's Note: Hi , guy! Long time no update! They finally found the base! , and how did they found it , though? You will know it on the next chapter! , so please anticipate it! I'm sure that you're missing Jungkook and Rina ( ? ) already , you just have to wait a little bit hehehe.

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