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Author's Note: So as I have promised , I would explain the details to you guys to let you know and not to be confused anymore! :D The legend , it talks about the people who looks like Hyerin , Jimin and Jungkook. So basically , if there's three people who looks exactly like Hyerin,Jimin and Jungkook , these two , Jimin and Jimin , will alwaysfall in love with Hyerin ( or the person who looks exactly like her ) But Jimin would always end up with Hyerin , cause that's the legend is all about!In short , Jungkook would be left alone or will find other person T^T And precisely , it's called adoppelganger. A legend of a doppelganger. Hope I've helped you! You may proceed and read now! 


" How do we get there? " Taegeuk said

" I have a plan , guys " I said

" What is it? " Namjoon whispered

I sighed " You guys wouldn't like it , but let's give it a shot " I went in front of them to follow my lead , as I secretly hailed a cab.

" Are you crazy! " Suga hissed

" Just fit in " as I pushed all of them inside at the back , while I sat in the front

" Ahgassi " the driver called out

I point my gun next to his head and glared at him " Drive "

" I-I'm innocent " he stuttered

Taehyung sighed " Hyerin- "

I glared at him " Shut up for a while , I can handle this "

I looked back at the driver and shrugged " Doesn't matter if you're innocent , just drive "

He nodded and started to drive " Just make it fast " I said

I acted like this cause who knows , maybe they're just acting , right? It's better to act like this to be safe rather than to get yourself killed in this cab , right? It gives me no choice. All I can think about is to save them in that hell place and destroy that place for good.

We arrived at my old house in less than 20 minutes. It was fast indeed , since I told him to make it fast. The whole time in the ride , I was pointing my gun at him to be sure.

" You guys head out first " They all nodded and headed outside first

I cleared my throat , as I looked at the so-called innocent man " You can call the cops if you want to , but that'll be just useless , you know "

I got his hand and laid the money on his hand " There's the money "

the money fell through his hand , as I just furrowed my eyes and thought something weird was going on. He held on my hand tightly and that's when he banged my head on the board , as he stole my gun and aimed it near my head.

The boys hurriedly rushed to open the door , but the door was locked automatically. They were about to break the glass , but I raised my hand , as a sign of don't. I rose up and rest my head on the headrest , as I stared at him amusingly.

I smirked " You're so stupid , aren't you? " I stared at him and he was just so confused of what I have said to him. I looked at his right arm as it suddenly moved , and now , the gun was now aiming at his own head.

his eyes widened " W-What are you doing to me "

I laughed as I tapped my fingers on my chin " Hm , should I pull the trigger or not? "

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