4 Byuntae

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" Here " The doctor handed me a tissue box and that's when I knew that I was crying infront of them , how embarrasing I thought.

" Why can't you tell us? " the doctor said 

" Can't I keep it as a secret? " I said

" You can , but when you're bruised all the time then we have to know the person already. It's called an abuse already " I nodded

" Does this happens to you all the time? are you bruised all the time? "  I was about to shook my head but Jungkook said something.

" I already saw her bruised yesterday , so she might be hurt all the time " he said 

I furrowed my brows and said to myself that when did he saw my bruises , but then back when we're in the rooftop. He was the one who held onto my arm and it's possible that he saw my bruises since I wasn't wearing my jacket at that time.

The doctor sighed " I respect your decision , but please , when this happens again... Stay away from that person already , you might not know that he/she might do more worse than that " The doctor is right. Dad is getting worse at some point whenever time passes by. 

" But what I'm worried about too is that when we checked your blood , there's a chemical found in your body or in your blood " My jaws clenched at what the doctor have found.

" W-What do you mean by chemical? " I stuttered 

" Chemical? " Jungkook said 

The doctor nodded " We still don't know about it , it's still unknown " as he read his binder " It's different , we haven't encounter these stuff yet " 

" But once we find out , we're going to call you and discuss about it " 

I nodded " So when can I be discharged? " I asked 

" Hmm , you can be discharged later but you still need to rest at home " 

" H-Home? " I said 

" Yes , home. Why? is there any problem? " I shook my head and cursed alot of times in my mind. I really don't want to stay at home , especially when I'm with him. It's like a suicide for me when I do that , a great suicide. 

The doctor left and once he left the other boys came inside " You guys can leave now " they all looked at each other and just nodded.

" Leave without me first , I'll be fine " Jungkook said as he was still sitting on the chair , just beside the bed. Once the door has been shut quietly , he looked at me.

" Is it your parents who did this? " 

" N-No , why would they " I said 

" Lier. " I sighed , why am I not good at lying?! 

" I'm seriously not lying " 

he smiled as he stood up " If that's what you say so " he placed the basket full of fruits on top of the table " eat that , it's good for your body " 

I was about to say something but he cut me off " Take care of yourself more " then he shut the door quietly. Why do they care? I said to myself.


The nurse woke me up and she said that I can be discharged already , I gladly accepted her help as I stood up slowly and changed into my clothes. Once I was in the bus , I knew that when I get home I'll be in pain again. I tried to find an excuse , but nothing came to my mind. 

" Why weren't you here yesterday?! "  Never in my whole life I have heard him speak softly to me , seriously , like never. 

" Answer me! "

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