48 Endless Battle

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  Everyone was still lost by what just happened. They may think that I have done it with my ability but I swear to God that it wasn't me , cross my heart to God. There lays Rina's limped body and structure as we were still processing our own minds , like we were mindblown or something.

" What did you do " Suga's words escaped from his mouth as he questioned me.

" I didn't do anything , I swear " I leaned closer to Rina and closed her eyelids since they were open , as a sign of respect to her death. " You should trust me , it really wasn't me " looking into their eyes as they all have that 'not-sure looking' on their face , except for Jimin.

Suga sighed and rubbed his face with his palms " Then kindly explain what happened and who did it to her? "

" I did " And with that , everyone including me turned our heads to where that owner's voice came from.

" We finally meet each other " her red lips perked up

" Bring Jungkook back! " as I rushed towards her , but I was thrown away into the thick tree , feeling a shock of pain on my backbone. Jimin immediately came to my side and asked me if I was okay as I just plainly nodded while Jimin pulled me from the ground. The queen just raised a brow in interest when she saw Jimin helping her daughter in such ways.

" You should have let me speak first , Hyerin " as she made a 'tsk tsk' sound while shaking her head in denial.

" What did you do to Jungkook?! " Not bothering to interrupt her again as she just sent some cold glares to me , earning some sigh and a slight smile from her.

" Don't worry , he's still alive and breathing " My heart calmy relieved from what she said as we all knew that Jungkook was still alive and breathing. " And not to mention , he's useful. " My eyes widened in fear and in anger as it boiled my blood throughout my veins.

" You bitch! You turned him , didn't you?! " Jimin holding my arm to control my actions as this might turned into a bloody fight and war. " Why would you do that to him?! Give him back! "

" Watch your words , dear " She warned as her eyes trailed over at Rina's lumped body on the side " I liked her at first , though " walking over to her body as she lifted her arm with her heels " But she reached her limits " The queen noticing some bruise all over Rina's body , remembering how we fought in the forest back then.

" You know that you're at disadvantage right now , right? " Jin taking over the conversation

" Why would I be in a disadvantage? " The queen raising a brow at him

" You're alone here with us " Knowing that she can be attacked by us , any moment later to end this war.

" Do you think I'm that dumb? " She said , after she scoffed and rolled her eyes " You may not know what is out there right now " Her eyes scanning around the vicinity for a while to alert us all , more like in a mocking way.

" I can't handle this anymore " I murmured to myself as I shook off Jimin's arm that was placed on my arm , going towards the queen. A spider web was thrown onto the ground as it almost caught me with it , if I haven't leaped backwards by sensing it first. It was protecting the queen.

" Shit " Namjoon cursing

Our eyes wandered on the trees , they were full of Silent Creepers as they were enclosing us around. At this moment , we were trapped by the SIlent Creepers. The queen just stand by and watched us panicked as she had a pleased face.

" There's more coming " Jimin pointing it out with his head , since his hands were full by carrying Taehyung on his back.

More? I looked around and cursed when it wasn't just the Silent Creepers , morelike all of her creations and inventions were here , surrounding us. Our backs bumped to each other as we have no other place to go , trapped if that's the proper way to call it.

" Shit , we're going to die " Suga cried

" No , we're not. We're going to make it out and stay alive as long as we can , alright? " Chaerin unnie encouraging us all to stay strong and to be brave , since she's the oldest among us.

" Jimin , leave Taehyung there , I'll make a barrier just for him as long as I can " Jimin placed Taehyung beside the tree as I made him a barrier to protect him while he is still in an unconscious state. But note this , I can't handle and control it any longer , since it will drain all my energy.

Just after I made a barrier , I was thrown onto the ground as I held and strruggled on its sharp , jagged teeth , breaking its mannequin's teeth by pulling them apart as it tear off. I threw its lifeless creature to the side with a disgust on my face as I had no choice but to do it for my own sake.

Full of gunshots and screams were heard within the vicinity ; fighting and struggling for our own lives as we really want this to end , but knowing that we might not make it because of the numbers of creatures that are attacking and wanting to kill us.

" Hyerin , bend! " I immediately back bended and a gun shot was heard , seeing the lumped creature in front of me that's now not breathing and alive.

" Thanks , Hoseok " as he just gave a quick smile before slashing another one behind him.

The battle continued like a non-stop as I can see the people becoming tired and full of sweat , this battle taking like forever. I still tried my best with my ability as I hoped that these creatures will lessen its number.

" They're still many! " Suga caught up with its sticky web as I rushed towards him to help him. I immediately got my dagger from my waist band and pointed it towards the web , but the mannequin knocked me down and sinked its teeth on my right shoulder.

" Ah! " I screamed in pain and in agony

" Hyerin! " Suga unable to do anything , since he's stuck in the web.

I held onto my dagger and sliced off its neck , the head dropping to the side. I heaved and breathed for air for a while before rising up and helping Suga release from its sticky trap.

" That doesn't look so good " Suga frowning at my injured right shoulder

" Then don't stare at it , you idiot " still holding onto my right shoulder as it bleed non-stop.

Suga pushed us down abruptly to the right , the web passing by as it missed us. I was glad that Suga saved our ass , but now my right shoulder is in a worse situation or should I say in a lot more painful situation.

" I'm sorry , are you alright? " Suga kneeling in front of me as he checked my right shoulder again.

" I'm fine- "

" Suga , move! "

I pushed away Suga with my ability as far as I can , when I saw Nana standing on a branch as she smiled and threw a dagger towards us. Its shining , silver dagger came so fast as I tried to stop it on time. The dagger stopped in mid-way , but when it stopped , there was a another one behind it.

" Shit "

There wasn't much time before it will pierce through me as I try to move my body away from it , but I was stuck onto the ground. ' Why am I stuck? ' , I questioned myself. I searched for the queen and she was looking at me , controlling my own body , so that I can't move any inch of my body. She was trying to kill me! , her own daughter! What a monster indeed.

" Ah! "

The dagger has been pierced , but I felt nothing... What was going on? There was a weight on top of me as it laid there , hurt. My eyes widened in horror and I was in panic once again. I touched my chest and my body , but there's no dagger pierced into my body.

" No... " I gripped my hair in frustration and in pain " Taehyung! , why! "  

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