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23 Red

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  I heard the door opened and I knew it was the food. I was here for week already and still , nothing has changed at all. Everyday , they just open the door and give you your set of tray to live while you just eat, take a bath and sleep. That's all , nothing much.

At first , I thought they were trying to poison me , so I just sat there in my so-called bed and stared at it. But then , Nana told me that there's no poison in it. I didn't even trust her at all anymore , after what she did to me. Nana got pissed and tasted my food and there was no poison in it as I saw her ate some of my food.

I admit that their food is tasty and fancy , but I can't either stay or waste my time here all the time. I need a way to escape here , but how?

I stood up as I finished my food and was about to take a bath but the door opened , seeing Nana standing in the doorway. No privacy at all , right? She was wearing a black skinny pants , black boots and a black fitted top , but her hair was wavy and colored in brown. Making everyone fooled by her beauty and attractiveness.

" The queen said that you must be well fitted and trained , so I'm here to give you this " she sighed as she threw the fabric to me , making me catch it with a surprise reaction.

She huffed " I remember those days when you were so nice to me " she stared at me , her arms crossed in front of her chest " So disgusting " she finished her words

My brows furrowed once again as she said those to me " I saved you back then! " remembering the scene where she was bullied by the girls and threatening her poor life with a swiss knife , making her life end in a miserable way if I wasn't there.

She laughed " Those were my plans , you fool! "

A plan? She got me there. Before I knew her , I thought she was those typical girl who were nice and charming. A typical person who's just normal and who would be trustworthy with me. I even thought of her as an angel , because of her soft attitude and personality. But she turns out to be a devil. What a shame.

" You didn't know? " I was stunned in where I was standing , not answering her questions. Cause it's true that I have fallen for her tricks or plans. " You fell for it! " she answered herself

I gritted my teeth " Will you now leave this room? " Pleading her.

She smiled " Sure , loser "

She left the room and I was left there in the room wondering. Wondering what will I do in my life right now. What caused this tragic and how did my life ended up like this? There were too many questions and too many answers , but I knew the answers won't match up with my questions , I guess?

I sighed and shook my head to get rid of the thoughts and wonders in my head , some of them still lingered in my thoughts , but I didn't mind them for now. I still remembered that I was still holding the fabric that Nana gave me , I looked at it and it was a different types of clothes today.

They gave me a black shirt , black sweatpants and a black shiny boots. Not to say that my undergarments were also black since I came in here. Oh how I am so sick of the black color already. It's kinda stupid to say this but I honestly missed the other colors. How can they even live like this?

The door opened again and Nana was there again " Not yet done? " she seemed really frustrated when she looked at me , seeing me not yet taking a bath. " Why aren't you still taking a bath?! "

How long was I here standing and thinking? , I don't even know also. " Just give me some more time , brat! "

She scoffed " Hurry up , loser! " as she slammed the door


" Why am I here to train anyway? " I said

" Oh dear " calling me that word again " remember that you're going to work with me , right? " hearing those words , I knew that I have agreed with her. " So first thing's first , we need to make you more stronger " the queen said

" Train me? " I repeated her words " What if I got stronger and beat you all down and how sure you are that you trust me with this? " raising my one brow up.

She looked amused at first , but then smiled after " Don't worry , dear. I trust you " she said , making me confused with that.

There were no any mentor this time , not like in our base. Jimin was not here also. Thinking about him makes me sad since I don't know if he's alright, and the worse is if he's dead or not.

The queen clapped her hands and something made a squeaking sounds , making me wondered and nervous at the same time. The ground were full of sands as I saw the Queen's face , smiling. She was sitting on her usual throne and definitely watching me. I saw something from the corner of my eye and when I turned I saw a giant spider.

" Silent Creeper " I muttered under my breaths

" You got that right " the queen said as she heard me

" Why is it here!? "

She chuckled " It's your training "

This is my training?! More like a battle or a suicide in other way. I gulped my own saliva as the Silent Creeper started to move on its own. They walked silently , just like their name. It was weird that the boys didn't say anything about their features , but now I know. Their body contains the body of a spider , but alot bigger. Except their head was a human head , no face again , but the color was just the same. Like the mannequin man. Yes , I call them that.

It took time for me to dodge its attacks , the Silent Creeper was too fast and skilled for me until it spitted a web on my body , making me collapse on the sand. I heard a small thud as I fell and I know I was doomed.

I moved my own body like a worm in every possible way as I can , but it was no use. It was so sticky and hard to remove , like a super glue or something. I saw a shadow beside me and knew it was there.

It was weird that they have no teeth on them since their face doesn't have a facial features until their teeth showed out as it closed and opened , waiting for its moment.

Their mouth were located somewhere else , not in their faces , but just below their faces. Like around their necks , there is a big slit on it and it's their mouth. The Silent Creeper came closer as its mouth were closer to my head , it was about to bit my head off , but a clap was heard.

" That's enough for today " I heard the queen said

The Silent Creeper's mouth shut its own mouth as the slit closed , it was some how fascinating how their mouth was located just around their necks. They may even eat you in a whole , not bit by bit , since they have a large slit around their necks.

The mannequin's helped me get out of this web and once they did , I felt sticky and gooey. I felt disgusted in myself. It even stinks like hell. The mannequin were fine as they stood beside me , since they have no smelling senses , I guess.

I stretched my arm and placed it in front of their faces as I saw some slime dripped off from my arm and fell on the sand. They both looked at me and I think they got confused at what I was doing.

" Sorry " as I placed my arm down and the mannequins looked straight forward again. It seems like that they have no smelling senses , they didn't even flinched at the stinky smell. But maybe they're just used to it , cause who knows , they may came from it , too.

" You did okay , I guess " The queen sounded dissapointed " But I was expecting more from you " The thing is , I didn't let it all out. I didn't want to expose it to her , I had the urge not to.

I was still fidgeting myself from the gooey saliva that was all over my body as it somehow dropped on the sand and once it dropped on the sand , it almost went to the mannequin's foot , so he took a step back and stayed there.

The queen smiled at my behavior as she started to speak again " You may go back to your room and take a shower "

" Hell yes " The two mannequins led me the way , but I stopped walking and turned to the queen as she sat there on her throne fixing her net , not letting everyone see her face " Don't you have any other clothes aside from black clothes or dress? "

She laughed " We only have black " as she licked her lips

Those red lips

It always catch my attention.

Author's Notes: Happy Valentine's Day! I updated on Feb. 14! LOLS Hahahaha! How was your Valentine's Day? Did you guys received something or anything? :) Well I did hehehe :D I got a rose , Cadburry Chocolate and a Baby-G watch from someone >.< Once I woke up from my bed , I saw it on my headboard already.

Tell me what you got! Sharing is caring <------- Mwuahahaha :)))) How was the update , though? I know it is boring since BTS is not yet showing up in these chapters lately , but soon! Time will come! <3 Hope you guys liked it!

Hooray for 100 subscribers and 49 comments! You guys are amazing! <3 Love you guys so much! From the Earth until Pluto Hehehehe <3

Copyrights to jpexotic and schaenel_12

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