6 Unusual

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" What are you talking about? " I said 

" You're the one "

I furrowed my brows " What about my eyes? " I tried to remain calm as much as possible " Tell me , Jungkook " Jungkook was about to open his mouth to say something but he was cut off.

" Hyerin! " we both turned our heads 

" How dare you , you left like that and now I caught you with someone?! and it's a man?! " Dad limped towards our direction and was about to grab my wrist , but Jungkook pulled me behind him.

" So it was you all along , who always hurt her " Jungkook said 

" Don't interrupt us , kid " He tried to get me but Jungkook protected me.

He pointed his index finger at me as I can see it in his face that he is really pissed off " If you don't go home tonight , let us see what might happen to you " He turned his back on us and started to walk away. 

I tugged Jungkook's hand " Thank you for protecting me but I really have to go "

He placed his hands on my shoulders and sighed " Hyerin , it's dangerous " 

" I have no choice " I said 

" You do have " 

" What is it then " 

he smiled " You can stay in my place , it's much safer there , I assume " 

I chuckled " Thank you , but I can't do that "

" Why not? " he furrowed his brows " In there , you wouldn't get hurt or killed! " 

I laughed at his statement " It's still my duty to go back home and listen to his orders. I may be insane and stupid to do those stuff , but what can I do? He is still my father and all. I can't hate him that much and kill him even though I wanted to because of my hatred towards him , I still have my self together and I'm not crazy to do those things yet. It's my life , so I have to play it in order to win or to lose "

He sighed as he nodded slowly " I get it , but you better stay safe , okay? " 

I scoffed and rolled my eyes " Since when did you care? " 

 " Yah! " 

I raised both of my hands in the air " Fine! I get it! I'll take care of myself! " 

He dropped me off in front of the house just to make sure I'll safe and fine. Once I opened the door , the lights were off and the surroundings was quiet , so I was suspecting that he's already sleeping. Before I lay down on my bed , I checked the mirror that was in my room. I got curious by what Jungkook had witnessed earlier , I was that close to know the truth , but then , we ended up interrupted by the demon , also known as my dad.

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