28 Terrified

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" I- " Before she could continue her sentence , I felt a hot sensation that passed through my left cheek.

" Stop what you're doing! "I was almost shot in the head , if I haven't move sideways. It was a close call. I turn around and saw Nana with a gun in her hand , standing not far from us.

" I said stop moving! " she ordered I felt the blood trickling down along my cheek as we heard another gun shot.

I looked around to see Jimin holding a gun and it looks like that he was the one who pulled the trigger. Nana dodged the bullet that almost aimed at her head as I saw her pulled the trigger.

" No! " I hurriedly dashed towards Jimin as I collapsed on top of him. Before I do anything , I checked up Jimin if he's not wounded or injured.

After checking him up quickly , I looked at them and to find them gone already. That was fast , I thought. I saw something glistened on top of the leaves and it was shining against the sunlight. I got a sight of it and it was my necklace , my silver pendant necklace.

She dropped it on purpose , I thought. Or maybe not? Who knows , right? I placed them in my jeans as I lay down on the ground that was covered with brown leaves everywhere ; feeling relieved.

" Why did you came? " maybe he can hint the irritation in my voice.

" We were worried " as he searched for my eyes and once he did , he locked gaze with me. " or should I say , I was worried "

" You almost got killed , for fuck sake! " I said

" Then what will happen to you then? " he raised a brow

I scoffed " I can handle myself " He was about to say more when something important came into my mind.

Jungkook. I stood up immediately as I started to walk and leave Jimin behind.

" Oh my gosh " I muttered

" Hyerin , what's the matter- "

" What happened to Jungkook?! " panicking already. " No, don't hold me! I need to go and check! " as I felt him grabbing my wrist to face him. I started to cry just by recalling how I stabbed Jungkook on the stomach as it bleeded non-stop

" I'm a monster, how could I- "

" Hyerin, just look at me and listen first! " he pulled me to face him as he cupped my cheeks.

" He's safe , nothing happened to him " he calmed me in every possible ways.

I furrowed my brows as I don't get what he meant by nothing happened to him. " What do you mean by nothing happened to him? " I said

" Hyerin, what we've seen was nothing " he said as he wiped my tears away with his thumb. " It was plainly nothing "

" But I stabbed him and saw him bleeding! You guys were there, too! "

He chuckled as he got your hands and squeezed them not too strong " That was all an illusion , Hyerin "


" We were caught in that Illusion, too. We wouldn't even know unless Taehyung had told us after you break through the wall. "I was about to ask question, but the answer came right away.

" We were in a visual training room at that time " I never knew that they had those things " Where you think everything you see and you do is real. It's quite impressive , though , on how they made it realistic "

" Who made it ? " I asked out of curiosity.

" The scientists did , including your Mom... "

it was more harder now to hear the word Mom , esp. when you're not in the mood to talk about your mom. So you decided to pretend that you didn't hear any of those words that he said.

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