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" Ugh " My vision started off as a blurry image of the room , but after for a few seconds my vision became clear. I was in my room , where Namjoon gave me my own private room.

How did I ended up here in my room? Did they found me? , or something else happened aside from that? I saw a figure just beside the bed , a boy , of course , slouching. I bet he's sleeping , but who is he?

My fingers touched his hair strands and it was soft and smooth , he suddenly lifted his face up and we were now staring at each other. Locked in gaze. He grabbed my right arm that was still on top of his head with care , as he placed my palm on his left cheek.

" You're awake now " He smiled

I nodded " How did you found me? "

" A girl called on Jimin Hyung's phone and said that you suddenly fainted , we all rushed to that place and brought you here " his thumb moving up and down along my hand " We were all worried "

He sighed " Especially me "

I cleared my throat and thought of a way out " Jungkook , about the other world... " as I pull back my hand slowly " When are you guys going to show it to me? "

He stood up and dusted off his pants " About that , we don't know it yet... " he said

" Why not? "

" Cause it's dangerous "


" Aish , I hate P.E " I muttered as we were walking towards the field

A whistle was heard as it ringed through our ears , but still , the sound of the gunshot is more painful than I thought " Assemble! " our P.E teacher said

" Since our Intramurals is quite near already , we need to practice some games! " he yelled , like there's no tomorrow " First game! Tag , you're it! " What a childish game , I thought. Why would this game be included in the Intramurals , it's so simple and tiring.

It was really hot today , the sun was shining brightly towards us. We were sweating beads already , even though we haven't started anything yet.

" Kim Hyerin! " He called

" Neh! " I responsed

The P.E teacher pointed at me with his index finger or pointing finger as he mouthed " You're the it! " WHAT?! Why me?! Seriously?! I guess , I totally gaped my mouth open at his sentence while the boys were just laughing.

" What? You're not going to move your ass off?! " he said

" I will! " Geez, just wait for it.

I started with a slow pace while my classmates were moving away from me , I sighed as I don't know who to start with since I don't want to chase any of them , honestly. A shadow was seen just beside me and he was smiling like a foolish kid who just got a candy from an ahjumma.

" You can touch me , if you want "

I scoffed " Go away , Jimin " I made him shoo with my hand and he just pouted , but never left my side " Just go " I said

" How about me? " Another shadow came as I tapped on his shoulder then smiled

" Yah! why touch Hoseok and not me?! "

" Cause you're so frustrating and shit " as I did a mehrong face to him and started to run

The game was starting to become intense , it's a fun game indeed. The other girls were screaming like hell when they were chased by the perverted boys while I just stood there smiling , because of their stupidness. I spotted Taehyung and he was coming to my direction , he was smiling at this direction. I looked behind me and nobody was there , then I remembered , he was the it .

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