Chapter 76

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This week has been really crazy. I can't keep up with Adonis and my job. I didn't know how much Ricky was helping me until I haven't been with him for a week. I'm not gonna lie, I miss him and so does Adonis.

Ayisha: Have you talked to Ricky yet?

Me: No.

I don't wanna talk to him but I miss him so much.

Ayisha: Girl your so stubborn for all the stupid reasons. You know that man is a big help to you but you just had to overreact about everything.

Excuse me?

Me: Overreact? He could've put his hands on me Ayisha.

Ayisha: Okay but he didn't witcho dramatic ass.

She said look at me like I'm crazy. Infact who's side is she on?

Ayisha: Look you know I hated the nigga when he was with that stupid bitch Gina but he's clearly changed but you still treating him like he hasn't.

Me: I don't know what your talking about.

I said getting on my phone.

Ayisha: Bitch anyone can see what your doing?


Me: What am I doing Ayisha?

I'm honestly not doing anything.

Ayisha: Your making shit hard for Ricky on purpose because you wanna see what he's gonna say or do. You keep testing the nigga to see if he's still the same or not but clearly he's changed.

She's making no sense.

Ayisha: You need to get your shit together and stop playing with that man. Y'all got a kid and for you to be going up and down with Adonis just because you don't like what he does is crazy as fuck.

I just kept quiet.

Ayisha: You know you miss him but you letting that stupid pride of yours stop you from going back and it pisses me the fuck off.

Me: Man what did I do?

Ayisha: Just go back to your man.

She said rolling her eyes and taking a bag of chips from the table.

Me: What the fuck is wrong with you?

Ayisha: Bitch do I look like Ricky to you? The fuck you talking to me like that for?

Somethings definitely wrong.

Me: Ayisha, is something wrong?

Ayisha: Oh my fucking God bro, your the third person who's asked me that. Im fine.

She said laying back on the couch. I examined her face and saw that she was nervous as fuck. So I started thinking. She's moody as fuck, she's always eating and she's always tired. Wait, is she?....

Me: Ayisha are you pregnant?

She jumped up in pure shock.

Ayisha: What the fuck? No, how could you even think that? Why would you even think that?

She said looking more nervous than ever yet also afraid.

Me: Your pregnant, aren't you?

She froze and looked at everything but me.

Me: How far long are you?

She just kept quiet.

Me: You know I'll always be here for you.

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