Chapter 19

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I was so mad that every time I called Ricky, he wouldn't pick up or he'd just decline. Which meant that he was with that bitch. I'm currently with my friends Amelia and Ocean.

Me: Urgh he's not answering my calls. He's probably with that bitch of his.

Amelia: Girl you need to leave them alone.

Me: Hell no. I had Ricky first and I'm not gon let a bitch from Texas take my man away from me. Imma get this bitch.

Ocean: That's the spirit. So what are you gonna do?

Me: I'll see what I'll do when I see her.

As I was thinking about what I'm gon do to this bitch, I see her walk out a store.

Me: Hey that's her right there.

Ocean: Let's get this bitch.

She walked down and alley and we basically ran up on her. I quickly grabbed her from behind and slammed her on the floor. She screamed in pain and we started stomping on her.


They made her stand up and I looked at her bloody face. I grabbed my knife and stabbed her 4 times. Each time I stabbed her she'd scream out loud.

They released her and she collapsed onto the floor. She was laying there in her own pool of blood. We ran away back to the car and we left.


I'm in so much pain. I think they think that I'm probably dead but I'm not. I took my phone out and called Ricky.

Phone convo

[Ricky]: Hey mama. Wassup?

[Me]: R-Ricky I-I need h-help.

[Ricky]: What's wrong baby? What's going on?

I can hear the fear laced onto his voice.

[Me]: T-they j-jumped m-me and t-they stabbed m-me.

Right now I'm crying because I'm weak, I'm losing a lot of blood and I'm afraid that Ricky won't find me in time.

[Ricky]: WHAT?!! Where are you mama? Lulu?

I was in and out of consciousness. I can hear his fading voice and soon all I saw was darkness.


Me: Lulu? LULU?!!

Santiago: What's going on man?

Cameron then came into the lounge.

Me: They jumped her man, I gotta go find her.

Santiago: The fuck? Who jumped her?

Me: I don't know man but imma be back.

Santiago: Nah I'm coming with you. Niggas really wanna die today.

Ain't that the damn truth. We left the house and got into my car but I decided to let Cameron drive. We drove around a couple of blocks closer to her house. I tried to remove all negative thoughts in my head but what if she's really dead man?

Me: Stop the car man.

Cameron: What?


He stopped the car and I looked at something. I saw a blob but I couldn't make it out clearly. I got out the car and moved towards it. I started running towards it when I saw it was a person, Santiago and Cameron followed closely behind me.

We finally got to the person and I saw that it was Lulu. What I saw left me in shock, she was laying in a pool of her own blood and there was a lot of it. I got onto her level and tried to find where she's bleeding from.

Santiago: What the fuck happened man?

Me: I-I don't k-know.

I felt my face getting wet. Damn man I didn't even realise I was crying. I must really adore this girl man. I kept trying to find where she was bleeding but I couldn't and that got me frustrated.


I then just stopped looking. I picked her up and took her to my car. I laid her on top of me and Cameron drove to the hospital. I'm covered in blood but that isn't my main focus, this girl in my arms is.

Me: Don't die on me ma. There's still a lot of shit I'm tryna do with you.

I felt the car saw down and I looked up seeing that we were at the hospital now. I jumped out the car with her still in my hands. We rushed inside the hospital.


A couple of nurses and a doctor came my way with a gurney. I laid her down and they took her away. I sat down and started praying. I never pray but this girl is changing me for the better and I can't let her die. I just hope she's okay man.

Me: God it's me, I know we ain't never spoken before but I'm not here for myself. I'm here for my girlfriend, I need her to pull through man and I heard your the King of Kings so you can do anything. Just help her man. Amen.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked up to see Santiago who was giving me a reassuring look. A look that told me everything's gonna be alright.

2 hours later (still at the hospital).

Ayisha came to the hospital 30 minutes after we got here. We haven't told her father yet, since her dad is away with Ayisha's dad.

Ayisha: I think you should go home and change.

Me: Nah man I'm good.

Her blood had dried up already and I'm used to blood but this, this ain't right man. It feels different or maybe because she's a girl? We then saw a doctor approaching us and we got up.

Doctor: I suppose your the patients family?

Ayisha: Yes sir, our dad isn't here right now and this is her fiancé so he's practically family.

The doctor nodded and told us to sit down.

Doctor: When we took her in for surgery we knew it wasn't going to be easy. She lost a lot of blood before getting here and it was hard to keep track of her heart beat. She was stabbed 4 times all in the same area which is her stomach and her rib area. She also suffered internal bleeding which we managed to stop but......

But what nigga? I sat at the edge of my seat wanting to know more as if the shit he told me already wasn't digesting properly. I'm still tryna process everything.

Me: But what?

Doctor: She slipped into a coma. I'm so sorry.
She's in the ICU as we speak and we're keeping a close eye on her.

Fuck man. I don't know why I have this feeling that everything that's happening to her is because she's with me.

Ayisha: Well when can we see her?

Doctor: When we have her stabled ma'am. I'm so sorry.

She nodded her head. He then got up and left.

Me: Whoever did this to her is gonna pay man  and I put that on my old man's grave.

I didn't proof read, I apologise for any errors.
To be continued.....

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