Chapter 20

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Lulu hasn't woken up from her coma yet and I haven't found the people that did this yet. I need her to wake up so she can tell me who did this. I'm currently with her right now.

Me: I hate how you just left me man. Now who's gonna annoy me man? Shit isn't the same without you ma and I miss you. Please just wake up mama.

This girl is making me soft and I don't wanna lie after she got stabbed I been cutting bitches off. I stopped fucking with hoes altogether cause i been out looking for the people who did this and asking for information.

Me: I have so many plans for us in the future man, you can't leave me hanging like this.

Again I didn't see no reaction which made me sigh. I tried getting up but I felt a grip on my hand which made me quickly sit my ass down and look at her.

Me: Lulu?

I saw that she was trying to open her eyes but she couldn't. That brought a smile to my face.

Me: Nah it's time to wake up now ma, you been sleeping.

Her eyes fluttered and they completely opened up. She squeezed my hand and tears started pouring down her cheeks. I immediately got up and looked for her doctor. I then found him by the reception.

Me: Ay man she's awake.

He jogged with me back to her room.

Doctor: Ma'am do you know where you are?

She nodded her head and he started checking her.

Doctor: Do you know your name?

She nodded her head again. I then started getting anxious. Why is he asking her all these questions?

Me: Do you know who I am?

She nodded her head at me. Oh thank God. She pointed to some water and I got it for her. I got her a straw and she sipped everything. She laid back and breathed heavily.

Doctor: Don't worry ma'am, your gonna be just fine.

Then he looked at me.

Doctor: Everything seems to be okay and I'm happy with how she's healing. She'll be just fine.

I let out a deep sigh. That made me feel so much better.

Me: Thank you so much man.

Doctor: Just doing my job sir.

He left and I looked at her. I'm happy she's awake. Ayisha and Santiago came into the room. Ayisha quickly ran to the other side of Lulu.

Ayisha: I'm so happy your okay. Girl you scared the shit outta me.

Santiago: You mean she scared the shit outta us man.

Ayisha gave him a stank look then rolled her eyes. She then turned her attention back to Lulu.

Lulu: I'm sorry guys.

Me: Who did this to you?

Lulu: I-I d-don't k-know.

The few months we've been together I learned that when she stutters, she's lying.

Me: I don't get why you lying to me man cause you do know who did this and you don't wanna tell me. Why try and protect the people that almost took your life?

Lulu: I don't know who they were Ricky.

Me: Stop lying man.

Lulu: I'm not lying. Even if I did tell y'all the truth y'all won't believe me.

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