Chapter 74

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So today is Lulu's day off and I dropped Adonis at my mommas house so we can spend some quality time together. We made a bet earlier. She said if she beats me at my own game, I get to massage her.

I told her that if I beat her, we definitely fucking. She said yes, of course she would. Lulu and I haven't had any sex whatsoever ever since we got back together because Adonis is always around and we're always busy with some shit. I won't lie, I miss fucking the shit outta her.


Yeah she beat me bro. I knew she knows how to play video games but I didn't think she'd be that good, she practically cheated bro. I wasn't prepared for that shit. I'm looking for the oil right now and I found it in the bathroom drawers. I found her sitting on our bed smiling her ass off.

Me: Take your clothes off.

She got up and took off everything she had on. Fuck I know this shit gon already be hard for me. Speaking of hard, I'm hard as fuck right now. She laid down on her back and I covered her lower area with a towel. I poured the oil on her chest and she let out a low moan.

Shit. Her titties looked absolutely amazing. Damn I just I started massaging her arms first then I did her neck. Now for the titties, oh my God man. I cupped her titties in my hands and moved them in a circular motion.

She bit her lip and I couldn't help but groan cause my shit is hard as fuck right now. Now that's done. I removed her towel and poured the oil on her thighs. Did I tell y'all that she shaved? Her shit is bald bald.

She knew what she was doing when she decided to shave before I give her a massage. I massaged her thighs and I couldn't help but look at her pussy. That shit was glistening since it had some of the oil on it.

Me: Fuck.

Lulu: Whatchu say?

She said removing the cucumbers from her eyes and looking at me.

Me: Nothing.

She nodded her head and laid back down then put the cucumbers over her eyes again. This shit is torture. I wanna touch it so bad, man I wanna eat and fuck that shit so bad. Fuck it. I spread her legs wide open and she complied.

I poured some oil on my hand and I rubbed her pussy. The noises she was making, music to my ears. I spread her lips apart and I couldn't help it man, I just dived right in.


Her back arched off the bed. Her moans, are definitely something I've missed. She removed the cucumbers from her eyes and looked at me. Our eyes then locked.

Lulu: Fuck.

She started moving her lower body all over my face, I guess she wants this too. I stuck my tongue inside her and she laid flat on the bed. I chuckled.

Lulu: D-don't d-do that.

She said breathing heavily. I stuck it in and out of her at a steady pace.

Me: You taste sound good.

Man I missed this pussy. Having sex while you in love really does hit different. I slid two of my fingers inside her hole and I instantly felt her walls clamping on my fingers. I continued eating her out while steadily pumping my fingers in and out of her hole.

Lulu: Oh m-my G-God.

I felt the inside of her begin to get hot. I sucked on her clit and her back arched off of the bed even more. I felt her warm cum on my tongue. I got up and took of my pants off. I didn't have anything underneath.

I laid my dick on her pussy and I just looked at her. She looked aroused and tired at the same time. She looks so beautiful in this state. I moved my dick all of her pussy watching it getting wetter.

Lulu: S-stop teasing m-me and p-put i-it in.

I chuckled as I lined myself up at her entrance. I slowly slid in and I felt her walls beginning  to latch onto me.

Me: Loosen up a bit baby, I ain't tryna cum fast this time (chuckling).

She nodded her head and I felt her walls begin to loosen up.

Me: Spread your legs a lil wider for me mama.

She then moved her legs and pinned them down on the bed with her hands. Damn.

Me: Your such a good girl.

She covered her face while I moved inside of her. Damn man, her shit got tighter. I groaned at how wet and warm her insides were.

Lulu: F-faster.

Your wish is my command mama. I quickened my pace and moans just flew out of her mouth.

Me: Look at me.

I said while groaning. She whimpered and shook her head.

Me: Look at me or I'll stop.

I said serious as fuck while I was still moving inside of her. She slowly removed her arm from her face and looked at me. I know it's hard to tell if she's blushing or not but now I know.

Her eyes were filled with so much lust, my stomach began to feel weird but I didn't pay much attention to it. I leaned in and kissed her making sure I go slow and deep. I felt her hands on me, wanting to push me off but she couldn't.

She moaned in the kiss and I'm not gonna lie man, I felt my shit getting harder inside of her.

Me: I love you so much mama.

I said while groaning.

Lulu: I-I l-love you t-too.

She said while breathless. I felt myself getting closer to my peak. After a few strokes I felt my seed shooting inside of her. I laid down beside her and I closed my eyes. I felt her body on top of me which made me open my eyes.

Me: Whatchu doing?

I said holding onto her waist.

Lulu: You wanna go again? (smiling).

I felt my shit getting hard again.

Me: I thought you'd never asking.

I said slipping inside of her. We're gonna have a long night.

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To be continued.....

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