Chapter 36

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At 03:00 am.

I woke up to the side of the bed dipping. I felt hands snaking around my waist. I looked at the time to see me that its 03:45 am. What the fuck? Where was he all night? So I faced him now.

Me: Where were you?

Ricky: It's too early for this baby. I'm tired.

Me: I'm tired too because I waited for your ass to come back. I was texting and calling you all night but you didn't answer. So where were you?

Ricky: I had to do something man (groaning).

Me: Like what?

Ricky: Don't worry about it, it doesn't matter.

Me: Tell me.

Ricky: I just bumped into someone.

What the fuck? What does he mean by that?

Me: What do you mean? What are you talking about?

Ricky: Omg bro just drop it.

Bro? He yawned and faced the other side.

Me: Bro? So we bros now?

I heard nothing from him.

Me: Ricky?

I soon heard his light snores. I gave up and went to sleep again. But I couldn't shake this feeling off, it felt like something bad happened.


I woke up and saw that Ricky was gone. I smelt food in the kitchen though. I got up and went to go wash my face. I washed my face and peed. I got up and washed my hands but something behind the sink caught my eye.

I took it from behind the sink and I realised it was some clothes. Bloody clothes in that matter. What the fuck? So many questions ran through my mind. I knew that I'll confront him about but not in front of everybody.

I put the clothes back and went downstairs to see everyone in the lounge.

Ayisha: Damn your finally awake.

Me: Good morning to you too bitch. Where's Ricky?

Ayisha: In the kitchen with the boys. They making breakfast.

I nodded my head and went into the kitchen.

Santiago: I knew your fatass was gonna wake up as soon as we started making food.

Ohhhh I hate this nigga.

Ricky: Don't be mad that my girl got a fatter ass than yours.

Santiago: Your an oop.

Ricky laughed at Santiago. I didn't wanna speak about what I saw but it's eating me up. Why did he put his clothes there? Why did they have so much blood on them? More importantly, who's blood is that?

Ricky: Baby are you okay?

I snapped outta my thoughts.

Me: Yeah I'm okay. Need any help?

He nodded his head and motioned me over to him. He was whipping up some batter, either for pancakes or waffles.

Me: What do you need me to do?

Ricky: Nothing (smiling).

Tell me why I'm with this crazy nigga again?

Ricky: You know what, come here.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the main bathroom in the house. He then closed and locked the door. He pinned me on the wall and smashed his lips onto mine. I had a dress on which he unzipped. It slid off and landed on the floor.

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