Chapter 49

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Ayisha: Come on, you've been cooped up in this house for 2 weeks.

I've been indoors for the past 2 weeks. I'm so heartbroken man. I even ghosted Jonathan. My phone has been ringing non stop but I never picked up. I even put it on flight mode.

Ayish: You need some fresh air.

Me: I don't wanna run into him.

Ayisha: And you won't but you need to get out this house.

Dad: She's right you know.

I looked up to see my dad at the door frame to my room.

Dad: You've been too hard on yourself sweetie because of that dumb nigga. Go have fun.

Me: Fine.

I got out of bed and walked into the wardrobe. I put on an outfit and I went downstairs with Ayisha.

Dad: Have fun kids.

Ayisha: We will Mr Capone.

We went outside and got into my car. Ricky still hasn't taken it back yet but oh well. I then started driving.

Me: So where we going?

Ayisha: To a party (giggling).

Me: Do you see the time?

It was 18:00 p.m.

Ayisha: Yeah don't worry we'll be home soon. It's an in and out kinda situation.

I rolled my eyes and drove to the address she gave me. We got to the house and it was packed. It was like a summer break party.

Ayisha: Damn it's packed.

We made our way through the crowd and into the kitchen. We got to the kitchen and we got ourselves some drinks.

Ayisha: I'm boutta get drunk.

Me: You better calm down with your short ass before Santiago snatches you up.

I said giggling. She rolled her eyes. I then saw someone that looked exactly like Ricky. I ducked and Ayisha looked at me weirdly.

Ayisha: What the fuck are you doing?

She said raising her eyebrow at me.

Me: Let's go outside.

She nodded her head and we went outside. It may or may not be Ricky but I ain't taking that chance of letting him see me and ruin my night.

Me: I think Ricky's here.

Ayisha: What? Since when does Ricky go to kids parties?

Me: I don't know, maybe I should leave.

I said turning around making my way inside again but Ayisha pulled me back.

Ayisha: Bitch hell no. We came here to have a nice time. Don't mind Ricky.

Me: But...

Ayisha: No buts, now let's drink and have some fun. You deserve it.

I nodded my head. She's right man. I been staying at home for way too long. We drank some more alcohol and we saw a circle of guys. We went to them.

Me: What are you guys doing?

Guy 1: We boutta smoke ma, you wanna join us?

I looked at Ayisha.

Ayisha: Hell yeah (giggling).

We sat down next to them and they lit the blunts up. They had 5 blunts.

Me: So what's y'all's names?

Guy 1: I'm Devon.

Guy 2: I'm Sean.

Guy 3: I'm DaeDae.

Guy 4: And I'm Santana.

We nodded our heads.

Me: Nice to meet y'all. I'm Lulu.

Ayisha: And I'm Ayisha.

Devon: Pleasure to meet y'all. Now let's smoke.

The blunts started moving around and then a blunt got to me. It's my first time smoking weed.

I took one long pull and I started coughing a lot.

Ayisha: Haha, baby lungs.

She said smoking.

Santana: Don't pull too much ma (chuckling).

Devon: Yeah take it slow.

I nodded my head and I started pulling slowly. I felt myself about to cough and I tried to stop it.

DaeDae: Let it out.

I started coughing my ass off.

Devon: Now pull again.

I pulled again and this time it was better. I didn't cough that much. My head started feeling lighter than usual. My eyes were low and I started laughing.

Santana: Yeah she on that shit (chuckling).

Ayisha: See why I love weed now?

I nodded my head. We smoked for a good 30 minutes and when I tell you I was gone, I WAS GONEEEEE!! I felt like I was floating.

Ayisha: Come on let's go dance.

I nodded my head and we got up. We went back inside and I bumped into someone.

Me: Omg I'm so sorry.

Her: It's okay ma.

Oop, it's a girl. I looked at her closely and she was kinda hot. I don't if it's me talking or the alcohol and the weed.

Her: You look pretty good.

Me: Thank you and so are you.

Her: Wanna dance?

I nodded my head and my song came on. Bro I started grinding on this girl and she held onto my waist. I felt her hand moving up and down my body. Shit felt amazing. Yeah it's definitely the weed.

I started twerking on her and she repeatedly smacked my ass. I felt her fingers grazing my cameltoe. Omg what am I doing? I can't stop for some reason. She pulled me up and I looked at her.

Her: The things I'm gon do to you.

Purrr lmao. She leaned in and soon our lips touched. Shit felt heavenly. Our lips moved in sync and I completely forgot that we're in public. She grabbed my ass and I moaned in the kiss.

She slipped her tongue inside my mouth. This is the first and probably the last time I kiss a girl. I felt myself getting yanked away from the girl.

Me: What the fuck?

I look up to see Ricky. Oh great so it was him that I saw earlier.

Her: Man what are you doing?

She said trying to grab me back.

Ricky: If you value your life, you'll get the fuck away from us.

She held her hands up in surrender and walked away.

Me: What is wrong with you?

Ricky: The fuck did I do? What the fuck are you doing dancing on her and kissing that bitch?

Me: It doesn't matter.

He examined myself.

Ricky: Your wasted.

Me: I'm glad I am now leave me alone.

I said wanting to walk away to find that girl but he pulled me back. Our eyes connected and I saw they were dark.

Murda: You really wanna challenge me right now?

Me: Fuck you pussy ass nigga.

Murda: I've had enough of your shit.

Well the feelings mutual.

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To be continued.....

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