Chapter 34

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Me: Baby change this show I don't like it.

He rolled his eyes but changed the channel anyways. We heard a knock at the door and I went to go get it, also wondering who's be at our door at 21:00 pm. I opened the door only to be tackled onto the floor.



They wrestled him onto the floor also. I looked up to see that there were four policemen on top of him and 2 officers on top of me. What's going on? I was crying from fear because police brutality is real.

Ricky: Man get the fuck off of me.

Officer 1: Richardo Martinez Rodriguez, your under arrest for the assault of Britney Amelia Rodriguez.

Wait what?

Ricky: The fuck you talking about man? I ain't never been near that bitch ever since I got a girlfriend.

Officer 1: Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of Law....

Ricky: Man this is some bullshit.

They picked both of us off the ground.

Ricky: Man let her go. She ain't got shit to do with this.

They dragged both of us to a squad car and pushed us inside then closed the door. I'm a crying mess right now. Ricky moved closer to me and I laid on his chest.

Ricky: It's okay baby. I won't let them touch you ever again.

I felt his body begin to heat up.

Me: Baby calm down please. I'm not hurt.

He ignored me and the officers got into the car. They pulled out our driveway and got onto the road. I realised that the other officers went their separate ways.

Me: Officers may I ask why we're being detained?

Officer 1: Ma'am we can not disclose that information to you.

Me: Why not? I'm just asking why you guys came into our home and aggressively got these handcuffs on us.

Officer 1: Ma'am please be quiet.

Me: But I......

Officer 1: Shut up.

I kept quiet before anything escalated. I've seen a lot of people getting shot by police just by asking questions. But on the other hand Ricky looked mad as fuck. He started aggressively moving in the backseat.

Me: Ricky stop it.

He was honestly scaring me. He kept moving around until a window broke.

Officer 2: What the fuck is he doing?

The officer beside him pulled out his gun and pointed it at Ricky. I don't know why because that glass between us is bulletproof. Right? I leaned on him to calm him down but his skin was too hot.

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