Chapter 81

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I heard his little cries in the other room through the baby monitor which I had in my hand. I walked upstairs with the bottle I just made for Kaylin. I then saw my beautiful wife rocking our son back and forth.

She looked at me like she wanted to fuck cause I wasn't wearing a T-shirt. I gave her the bottle and she started feeding our second born Kaylin. Adonis was sitting right next to her watching something on his iPad. I then put a T-shirt on.

Me: It's hot as fuck out there.

Lulu: I know right. That's probably why he's crying so much. It's too hot for him.

I nodded my head and turned on the aircon. We heard the door open and loud noises were heard.

Me: That must be the boys.

She finished feeding Kaylin and she burped him then handed Kaylin to me.

Me: Come on Adonis.

He got up from the bed and held my hand. We went downstairs and we saw everyone in the lounge.

Me: Wassup y'all.

They all looked up at us and got up to see the baby. They haven't seen him ever since he left the hospital and he's one month now.

Santiago: All the babies you be pushing out come out looking like Ricky.

He said looking at Lulu while chuckling.

Omar: I'm pretty sure Ricky cloned himself (chuckling).

Santiago: Copy and paste if you ask me.

We all shared a laugh and I noticed that Adonis and Kaylin do look a lot like me.

Ayisha: Girl were you even there when y'all made them?

Lulu rolled my eyes while giggling. Her giggle was interrupted by a knock at the door. Riley went to go get it and when she did all we heard was gunshots. Her lifeless body flew onto the ground while all of us scattered.

Lulu snatched Adonis and we bolted towards the basement. I saw a dozen men enter the house and started shooting everything. Santiago and the boys started shooting back but they got hit. I watched as their bodies fell onto the floor.

Ayisha and the girls got hit too. Everyone was dead. My friends were laying there in a pool of their own blood. I couldn't think straight. I gave Kaylin to Lulu and closed the basement door. I barricaded the door with an old fridge while I started moving around. I gotta think and quick.

Me: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

What the fuck have I done? We heard a big knock at the basement door. Shit.

Person: We know your in there Ricky (chuckling).

Fuck man. They here.

Gomez: Come out now and we may not harm you. But if you don't, we're coming in.

Lulu and I locked eyes. She saw so much fear in my eyes. I watched her clinging onto our kids. I went over to them and kneeled down in front of them.

Me: I love you guys so much baby and I'm so sorry for what's about to happen.

I gave Adonis and Kaylin a kiss on the forehead and then I gave Lulu a deep kiss. I can't believe I might be kissing her for the last time. I pulled away and I had tears falling down. I've never been so scared in my life.

Lulu: Ricky I'm scared.

Me: I know baby, I know.


I got up and went to the door. I moved the fridge out the way and opened the door. I was pushed onto the floor and 4 men came in. 3 guys picked me up and 2 guys went to Lulu. They dragged me upstairs and started beating me up.

I looked around to see all our friends dead. It's total carnage. They stopped beating me and laid me on my stomach. 2 guys then held me down and made me look at Lulu and my kids.

Gomez: So this must be your gorgeous wife and these must be your precious boys huh.

Me: Please man. Let them go.

Gomez: Oh no Ricky. I can't do that. Remember you took everything from me. Now imma do the same.

Gomez came over to Lulu and snatched Adonis outta her hands. My heart sank. He instantly started crying which made Kaylin cry too. I tried getting up but these niggas put more pressure on my back.

Gomez: Almost forgot him.

He said as he snatched Kaylin out of Lulu's hands. She tried to snatch him back but they quickly grabbed her before she got the chance too.

Gomez: Such a pretty boy. He would've grown up to break a lotta hearts.

Would've? No man.

Lulu: P-please. L-let my b-baby go.

I can hear the pain and fear in her voice.

Gomez: Blame Ricky for everything that's about to happen.


Gomez looked at me shocked.

Gomez: Thee Murda is begging me? Wow. Never thought I'd see the day (chuckling).

All the other guys started laughing.

Gomez: But I think that's a little too late.

He brought out his gun from his pants and tears started pouring out of my eyes. Fuck I can't do anything while pinned down like this.

Lulu: P-please d-don't kill my baby. H-he didn't do anything.

Gomez: That's true but Ricky did.

He put our crying baby on the floor and pointed it to his head.

Gomez: Say goodbye to mommy and daddy.


I was fidgeting a lot but I couldn't get out of their hold. And with that we heard the sound of a gunshot which made me close my eyes shut.

Gomez: Now we can have some peace and quiet.

Lulu looked at him which so much hate and disgust.

Gomez: Don't look at me like that love. This is all Ricky's fault.

She looked over at me to see me crying on the floor. This is all my fault. Gomez then looked at Lulu.

Gomez: Lift his face up. I want him to watch his wife die.

Man he took my friends and my son away from. Now he wants to take her too? They lifted my head up and our eyes locked.

Gomez: Any last words?

He said to her. She looked at Gomez then at me again.

Lulu: I love you and I forgive you Ricky.

And with that I heard a gunshot. My whole world crumbled. She collapsed onto the floor and looked at me.

Me: LULU!!!

I said as I saw that her chest wasn't going up and down anymore.

Me: Don't leave me man.

And with that, her eyes closed and I knew right then and there that she was gone.

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To be continued.....

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