Chapter 32

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Ever since I took Ricky back, things have been running smoothly and crazy at the same time. I've only encountered Murda, his other personality twice and lemme tell y'all the sex is amazing.

Ricky and I have been together for a year now. Our relationship has had its ups and it's downs but we're still here. We're more in love than ever now and we're inseparable, again.


Oh yeah I forgot to tell y'all that he told me to shower and wear an outfit he picked for me. I think we're going somewhere for our anniversary. I went downstairs to see my man looking scrumptious.

Ricky: You look amazing baby. Making me wanna take that outfit off of you and fuck you right now.

I rolled my eyes and he grabbed my waist tightening his grip.

Ricky: I wanna fuck you so bad.

Me: Ricky stop (whining).

Ricky: I'll be quick baby I promise.

Me: You know that's a damn lie. Whenever we have sex we go for hours.

Ricky: Then I guess everything will have to wait (smiling).

He gripped my neck and brought me closer. Our lips smashed together and our lips moved in sync. Light moans felt my mouth and he slipped his hand up my dress. That was game over man.

I felt him slide a finger into me and my walls instantly clenched around his finger. I wanted more than that how.

Me: F-fuck me p-please d-daddy.

He looked at me with low eyes and he scooped me up. He made his way to the couch and he laid me there. He got on top of me and kissed me all over. It felt so good but sadly, we were interrupted by my phone ringing.

He groaned and got of off me. I picked up my phone to see my dad calling. I rolled my eyes and declined it. I ain't in the mood to speak to him, especially on my anniversary with Ricky.

Me: Let's go.

He nodded his head and we got out the house heading to the door. He opened the door for me and I got in. He then got in his side and switched his car on pulling outta the driveway.

Ricky: I can't believe we been together for a year mama (smiling).

Me: Yeah me neither. Even though we had a few hiccups along the way, we're still here.

He held my hand and kissed it. I'm so glad that he changed.

Me: Can we go to Santana's jewellery store.

Ricky: You want some ice on you before we go?

Me: Nah I gotta go pick something up.

He nodded his head and drove to Santana's jewellery place. We got out and we went inside.

Santana: Well if it isn't my favourite couple.

Me: Hey Santana.

Ricky: Wussgood man?

Him and Santana then dapped each other up.

Santana: None much man, busy is booming.

Ricky: That's what I like to hear.

Santana: So what can I help you guys with today?

Me: I'm here to pick up the thing, remember?

Santana: Got it. I'll be right back.

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