Chapter 50

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Short chapter

Me: I've had enough of your shit.

I grabbed her hand and dragged her upstairs. I threw her into the room and she fell on her ass. I then closed and locked the door. I felt myself colliding with the door with my back. I looked at her. This bitch did not just put her hands on me again.

Me: Have you lost your fucking mind?

I felt a stinging sensation on my right cheek. I looked at her in pure frustration. I saw her face begin to change, realising that she made a big mistake. I pushed her onto the bed and ripped all her clothes off.

Lulu: Get off of me.


I started kissing on her neck while she still continued fidgeting under me. She had no underwear on so it was easier for me to slide my fingers inside of her. That's all it took for her to stop moving so much.

Lulu: N-no, g-get o-off.

She said moaning. I picked up the pace till I heard a squelching sound coming from her. She held onto my arm as she released on my hand.

I got off of her and started taking my clothes off. She looked so weak, so vulnerable yet so sexy at the same time. I positioned myself at her entrance but she stopped me.

Lulu: I'm not on the pill anymore.

Me: I'll pull out.

Lulu: I....

Before she can finish her sentence I slammed into her making her release a high pitched moan. Damn I missed this pussy.

Lulu: F-fuck.

I saw her juices all over my dick. I licked my thumb and started rubbing her clit while I continued fucking her. I saw her hands were will with the bed sheet.

Me: You look so beautiful mama (groaning).

She hid her face with her arm making me chuckle. I saw that she was creaming all over my dick. God knows how much I love this shit. She whimpered loudly every time I grazed her spot.

Me: Who's pussy this is?

She kept quiet.

Me: Oh so this not my pussy anymore?

She nodded her head. Aight bet. I pulled out and flipped her over. This my pussy and ain't no dumb nigga gon take it away from me. I dug my hand on her back and made her arch it.

Me: Lemme remind you who's pussy this is.

I began thrusting inside her at a fast pace. I dug my thumbs on her back dimples and tightened my grip on her. Her pussy is fire. No wonder I keep wanting to fuck her so much.

I saw her grab a handful of the sheets and her head was on a pillow. I pulled her up and grabbed her neck. Her back was on my chest now. I licked her ear and I felt her goosebumps on me.

Me: You like that baby?

I said panting hard.

Lulu: Y-yes, d-don't s-stop.

If that's what she wants. Then who am I to stop?

Lulu: I-it f-feels so g-good.

Me: Yeah?

Lulu: Y-yeah.

I gotta fuck her when she's high often. I felt her walls begin to close in on me. I hate when she does that because I can't hold this nut in any longer. I turned her around so she can face me. I slipped my dick in again and I fucked her into oblivion.

The faces she makes when I fuck her fast and hard are images that won't ever leave my mind. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her mouth hung open with drops of drool falling down on her titties. A work of art.

Lulu: I-I'm g-gonna c-cum.

Me: Hold it (groaning).

Lulu: I-I c-cant.

She said whimpering loudly.

Me: Hold it or we'll go all night.

She whimpered even more and I just kept going. She laid her head on my shoulder and I was getting close. My thrusts were beginning to get sloppy and I guess she noticed.

Lulu: R-Ricky, s-stop.

Did I listen? Nah. I just kept going and I felt myself getting closer to cumming.

Me: I-I'm gonna c-cum.

I said as I'm about to explode. She tried to push me off of her.

Lulu: P-pull o-out.

Too late. Just when I was about to pull out I released inside of her. I grabbed onto her hard just dumping the rest of my nut inside of her while she tried to get me off of her.

I released her from my grip and she collapsed on the bed. She was out like a light. I leaned in near her ear.

Me: I'm sorry but you ain't going nowhere.

I said kissing her on the forehead. I put my clothes on then I put hers on. I then grabbed her car keys from her back pocket before I picked her up. I picked her up and I walked downstairs with her over my shoulder.

People are still partying man it's crazy. These motherfuckers ain't gon be going home soon. I got to her car, I laid down her in the back seat and I started driving back to her house. I got there and her father wasn't there.

Thank God. I got her out the back seat and I carried her to her room. I laid her in bed and closed the door. I went back downstairs and got an Uber back to the party cause I left my car there. I got in my car then I drove back home.

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To be continued.....

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