Chapter 57

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I decided to put my pride aside and go to Ricky's mommas house. She's having a cook out again. I got there and I knocked on the door.

Miyoki: Omg Lulu.

She said embracing me in a hug. She pulled me inside and looked at me.

Miyoki: Wow the baby is getting pretty big.

Me: Yeah he is.

Miyoki: Your having a boy?

I nodded my head.

Aaliyah: Can't wait to spoil him (giggling).

She said coming outta nowhere and holding onto my stomach. I really was big I'm not gonna lie.

Ricky's momma: Leave her alone girls.

Miyoki: But momma...

Ricky's momma: Give her some space.

They nodded their heads and gave me some room. I hugged Ricky's mom.

Ricky's momma: Your getting big mi bebe.

Me: It's this kid inside of me.

I really can't wait to give birth man.

Ricky's momma: He'll be out in 3 months.

I can't fucking wait.

Ricky's momma: Come.

She said holding my hand and leading me into the backyard where everyone was. Damn there's more of them? I then spotted Ayisha and Santiago. They then came over to me.

Santiago: Haven't seen you in a minute.

Ayisha: And why did you move out? Why ain't you answering my calls? Why.....

Me: Damn I'd tell you everything if you give me a chance.

I said giving her a stern look.

Santiago: There go that pregnant woman attitude. I'm glad your always on the pill.

I looked at Santiago with the most disgusted look and he left. Thank you.

Ayisha: Don't mind him, now why'd you ghost me?

Me: I just been dealing with a lot lately. My dad lied about my mothers death, he kicked me out and now I'm living with my new boyfriend Jonathan. On the other hand it's school and this Ricky bullshit. And this pregnancy thing ain't easy cause my moods be all over the place and Im in some pain sometimes. It's just a lot to deal with right now.

Ayisha: You know I would've helped and supported you through everything.

Me: I just didn't want my problems to be your problems. I just didn't want to feel like a burden.

Ayisha: Bullshit, you know you'll never be a burden to me. I love you man and I always got your back 100% of the time.

I really got a good best friend man. 

Me: So do you forgive me?

Ayisha: Of course you dumb bitch. Your my best friend.

She said hugging me. Wait. Hold up. I'm the dumb bitch? Wow.

Ayisha: Now let's go sit down, I know your pregnant ass is tired.

I rolled my eyes and we sat down on a bench. I saw Ricky, Gina and their baby in the corner of my eye. Ricky made his way to us and I rolled my eyes.

Ricky: I didn't think you'd show up.

Me: So did I.

Ricky: So.....

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