Chapter 27

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3 months and 2 weeks later

Ricky and I have been together for 8 months now. I won't say that it's been easy because of his mental disorders. He's been very jealous and protective. Also very clingy, he doesn't want me to go anywhere without him.

He'd also go crazy on me sometimes when I wear something short without him. He always wants me wearing something that will cover me up when I'm out with Ayisha and her friends. He's honestly gon drive me crazy.

Right now I'm at the mall with Ayisha and her two friends, Sheronda and Riley. They a very cute lesbian couple if you ask me. I've grown close to them as well.

Sheronda: Baby can we go to Victoria Secret please?

Riley: For what?

Sheronda: I need some new lingerie.

Riley just rolled her eyes.

Riley: You already have enough lingerie Sheronda.

Sheronda: Pleaseeee (whining).

Riley: Okay damn. Stop all that whining in my ear.

Sheronda just smirked and I giggled at them.

Ayisha: So when are you gonna let Ricky smash?

I choked on my drink. They all were looking at me right now. I hate Ayisha for putting me in the spotlight like that.

Me: I-I'm not ready for that.

Ayisha: Why not? You and Ricky been together for 8 months already.

Sheronda: Oh that's long. Why won't you then Lulu? You don't think he's the one?

Me: I-I do. It's just.....

Riley: Just what?

Me: I-I'm a v-virgin.

They all busted out laughing thinking it's a joke. They all stopped once they noticed I was serious.

Sheronda: Your joking (laughing).

Ayisha: She ain't joking you guys.

Sheronda stopped laughing.

Sheronda: Wait, your serious?

I nodded my head and they looked at each other.

Riley: Oh well shit made me speechless.

Sheronda: But the important question is, do you wanna give it to him?

I nodded my head again.

Riley: Then just go for it man.

Me: It's not that easy.

Riley: Why not?

Me: I've been a virgin my whole life and for me to just give my virginity away, that scares me.

They nodded their heads at me. I guess they understand.

Ayisha: That's how I felt when I was about to give Santiago my virginity. But it happened and I don't regret it one bit because I gave it to someone who loved me more than these niggas around here.

Riley: We're not telling you to give the nigga your virginity, no man. We're just saying is that making love to that special person of yours hits different. We're not tryna make you rush the process.

Me: I get it but I do wanna have sex with him I just don't know how to initiate it.

Sheronda: Oh we can definitely help you with that (giggling).

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