Chapter 24 (Part One)

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I heard my phone vibrate and I checked to see who it is. I saw that it was my momma.

Text message convo

Momma: Come over at 12:00.

Text message convo over

I put my phone down and groaned. I checked the time to see that it's 11:30 which made me groan even louder. Bro how long have I been sleeping?

I got up and went to the bathroom and showered. I got out and put my clothes on. This is gon be a very long day. I grabbed my keys and went to my car.

I got in and drove to Lulu's house. I parked my car in her driveway and went inside the house.



I went upstairs to her room and I saw that she was getting ready. Good girl. I went over to her and hugged her from the back, also giving her a kiss on the neck.

Me: You look so good.

Lulu: You think so?

Me: Yeah now come on, we gon be late.

She quickly packed her things away and I couldn't help but notice that I never realised her ass was so big. Every time she moved it jiggled, omg. I was hypnotised.

Lulu: Stop looking at my ass you pervert.

Me: I can't (chuckling). I never noticed that it was this big.

She rolled her eyes and pulled my hand downstairs. I kept looking at it the whole time and I even almost tripped. She looked back at me with a confused look.

Lulu: What the fuck?

Me: Nothing man, keep walking.

She rolled her eyes and we were outside now. She got her keys from her bag and she locked up the house. While she was doing that I gave her ass a big smack.

Lulu: OWW!! What the fuck is wrong with you?

As she said that she was rubbing her ass. I guess I smacked it too hard.

Me: I just had to. Man it begged me to.

Lulu: Let's just go before I fuck you up.

Me: Ooouuu, you wanna fuck me baby? (smirking).

She rolled her eyes and pulled me to the car while I just chuckled at her. We got in and I started driving to my mommas house.

Lulu: Do you think their gonna like me?

Me: It really don't matter what the others think cause my momma already likes you and that's what matters to me.

She nodded her head and we got to my mommas house.

Lulu: Damn how big is your family?

I sighed as I drove inside.

Me: Pretty big.

There was gang cars everywhere and there was music coming from the house. I parked my car in the garage and we got out. I saw that Lulu was beginning to get nervous.

Me: Don't worry baby, I won't let any of these bitches say shit to you or say anything negative about you, okay?

She nodded her head and I gave her a kiss on her forehead. I held her hand and we got inside the house.

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