Chapter 12

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Jessica: I hope we'll do this again sometime.

Me: I'll call you when I need you.

She nodded her head and left. I then laid down on my bed. Your probably wondering who the fuck is Jessica? Jessica is one of my hoes and she's always down to fuck so why not?

I needed a quick nut. I went to my contacts and pressed on Lulu's. After 2 rings she picked up.

Phone convo

[Lulu]: Hello?

[Me]: Hey mama.

[Lulu]: Ricky I'm in class right now.

[Me]: Then why'd you pick up the phone? (chuckling).

[Lulu]: Because my lecturer isn't here right now.

I hummed and thought if I should pick her up or take her out to eat.

[Me]: What time you finna knock off?

[Lulu]: In the next 5 minutes.

[Me]: Alright I'm on my way then.

Phone convo over

I dropped the call before she can even debate on whether or not if I should come or not. I got my keys and got into my car. I then started driving to her medical school. I saw that she was standing outside already.

It's understandable, I mean her school is 10 minutes away from my house. I stopped in front of her and she got in. I couldn't help but smile at her.

Lulu: Oh wow your smiling.

Me: Don't make me frown (chuckling).

Lulu: I like your smile. Now what do I owe the pleasure of being picked up by Thee Ricky.

Me: You finna use that Shakespearean shit on me now?

I pulled out of her schools driveway and headed for the mall cause I'm hungry asf.

Lulu: Maybe. So how was your day?

I then felt something in my stomach. What the fuck?

Me: My day been hella busy man, what about yours?

Lulu: Same here, did you eat at all?

That same familiar feeling in my stomach came back.

Me: Nah, not at all. That's why I'm going to the mall to get some food for us.

Lulu: For us?

Me: Yeah that's if you hungry and all.

Lulu: Oh thank you.

Me: Don't sweat it mama.

I kept my eyes on the road but a saw a smile on her forming when I kept taking a few glances at her. We got to the mall and we both got out. We then headed to the food court and got to this burger place I knew.

Me: Whatchu want ma?

Lulu: Um, whatever your having.

Me: Okay (chuckling).

I ordered our food and we found a place to sit down.

Me: How's school been?

Lulu: Very stressful. There's so much work that needs to be done.

Me: That sucks, but keep pushing man I know you got this shit in the bag.

Lulu: Thank you.

For some reason we ended up looking into each other's eyes. I got lost in them. That familiar feeling in my stomach came back AGAIN. Man what's going on? We snapped out of it when we saw our food in our faces.

Waitress: Here's your order guys.

I looked up at the waitress to see that it was one of my hoes. Her name is Amaya. Oh fuck me.

Amaya: Oh hey Ricky. I didn't see you there.

Me: Hey Amaya.

Amaya: Why haven't you answered my texts or calls yet?

Bro what the fuck? Does she have to do this shit here? She then looked at Lulu.

Amaya: And who the fuck is this bitch?

Lulu: Don't call me out my name hoe.

Amaya: Your a hoe since you wanna be on a date with my man.

Lulu: Bitch if he was your man wouldn't he be with your crusty knee locked ass right now?

Oop. I then started chuckling. Amaya looked at me.

Amaya: Are you seriously gon let this bitch talk to me like that?

Lulu: I said don't call me a bitch rebound. And yes he is letting me talk to you like this cause your not his bitch. Now get back to work cause that 2 dollars an hour your making isn't enough to pay for you to fix your hairline.

Damn. Amaya looked livid and she stormed off. Damn I didn't think Lulu will pop off like that. I looked at her to see that she was already giving me a death glare. If looks can kill, I'd be death right now.

Me: I'm so.....

Lulu: I can't believe I came here with your stupid sti walking self.

Okay well hold on now. Why is she coming at me?

Me: I didn't know that was gonna happen.

Lulu: Fuck you Ricky.

She got up, got her food and left while i did the same thing. I followed her to the entrance of the mall. I grabbed her hand and she yanked it away.

Me: Calm down man.

Lulu: Leave me the fuck alone.

Me: Come on ma, I didn't know that shit was gonna happen.

Lulu: You still let that bitch call me out my name and you sat there looking more stupid than you already do.

Me: Damn, your hurting my feelings now.

Lulu: Well fuck you and your stupid feelings. I don't want anything to do with you ever again. I can't believe......

Before she can even continue with her rambling I kissed her. She kept trying to talk in the kiss but I deepened it even more. I felt her melting under my touch and she kissed back. Our lips moved in sync and I felt my shit rising.

What is this girl doing to me? Nobody makes my shit go up, except for Brittney. I thought my shit died. I pulled away from the kiss and I looked down at her. Forgot to tell y'all that this girl is a midget.

Me: Look I'm sorry that I didn't say anything when she had all that shit to say. She caught me by surprise man but I promise I won't let that shit ever happen again.

She still looked stunned, I guess from the kiss.

Me: Please forgive me mama.

I saw that she started nodding her head.

Me: Lemme take you on a date on Friday, as an apology.

Lulu: O-okay.

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To be continued.....

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