Chapter 55

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3 months ago Gina and I welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world. It was when we bumped into Lulu and Ayisha at the hospital.

We named her Armani Camello Rodriguez. She's perfect man I won't lie and I can't believe I'm a dad now. I'm currently with them right now.

Gina: You gonna come with us for her checkup?

Me: How can you ask me that? Of course I'll be there man.

Oh I forgot to tell y'all. They live with me now. When Gina was 8 months pregnant I told her to move in with me to make things easy for both of us. Armani is 3 months now. Damn time flies man.

Gina: Well I thought you'd wanna be with your girlfriend.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. Gina always been bringing up Lulu. I haven't even been contacting her yet Gina is so jealous of her.

Gina: I don't understand why we're not together yet. I mean we live together and we have a child together.

I rolled my eyes again.

Me: Where's her bottle?

I said cause Armani is busy fidgeting in my arms. She then handed me her bottle and I started feeding her.

Gina: So your just gonna ignore me?

Me: Gina not now man.

Gina: If not now then when? Cause I'm confused Ricky.

Me: Oh my God bro.

I got up and went downstairs with Armani. Gina then came down behind us.

Gina: So you don't wanna be with me?

I kept quiet and continued feeding Armani.

Gina: So you don't wanna be a family?

Me: We're already a family man what more do you want?

Gina: I want a stable family Ricky. Being together and raising Armani together will be so much easier.

Me: Shit isn't even hard right now Gina. I don't wanna complicate things.

She kept quiet for a while and then spoke again.

Gina: Do you still love her?

Damn I don't even know anymore.

Me: Gina I put that girl through a lot of shit. Of course imma still love her.

Gina: Excuse me?

Me: Gina I put her through things that I know you wouldn't have stayed for. She held me down each time, even when I cheated on her multiple times she stayed with me.

Gina: So you think I won't stay?

Me: I don't expect you to cause you be doing the same shit I be doing.

She raised her eyebrow at me.

Gina: What's that supposed to mean?

Me: What I mean is, your a hoe Gina. I'm surprised that I haven't even asked you for a DNA test yet.

She stared at me. Shit I shouldn't have said that. She got up and took Armani from me. I then sighed and watched her go upstairs. She then came downstairs with her stuff and Armani's baby bag. I then got up.

Me: Where you going man?

Gina: I'm going to my moms place.

Me: Your being dramatic man stop.

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