Chapter 75

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So today Ricky, Adonis and I are going grocery shopping. Adonis is seeing so much candy and it's driving him crazy.

Adonis: MOMMY!!

Omg bro, this kid gon leave us bankrupt.

Me: What I tell you about yelling like that when people are around?

Adonis: Sorry mommy, I just want some candy please.

He said looking up at me with puppy eyes.

Ricky: Get whatever you want Adonis.

I rolled my eyes and sighed. Ricky and my dad are always spoiling Adonis. He's becoming more bratty each day.

Me: I told you to stop spoiling him so much.

Ricky: Come on ma, it's just some candy.

He said chuckling.

Me: Whatever.

I said rolling my eyes while going to the next aisle. I bumped trolleys with someone. I looked up to see that it was Jonathan. Oh great.

I wanted to go to another aisle but he grabbed my arm. I looked at his face and he looked concerned. I looked at where he was holding me and I looked back at him. He then let me go.

Jonathan: My bad. I ain't mean to grab you like that.

Me: What do you want Jonathan?

Jonathan: I just wanna apologise for everything I put you through ma. I was going through some things at the time and I turned to drugs to ease the pain.

Me: So you using drugs as an excuse of putting your hands on me?

Is he being serious?

Jonathan: I'm not saying that ma. I know I did you wrong and I know you trusted me with everything you had but I fucked up. Im sorry.

Every day I wonder, what if he never put his hands on me, where would we be right now? We probably would've had kids or even gotten married. I don't know.

Me: I forgive you but I just want nothing to do with you Jonathan. I'm happy right now.

He nodded his head.

Jonathan: I respect that. See you around ma.

That's all he said before he walked away. I felt someone come up behind me and I saw a livid Ricky.

Ricky: The fuck you were talking to him for?

Is he talking to me like that?

Me: He talked to me first.


Hold the fuck up. Is he being for real? He's doing this in a public area. I looked to see his fists were bawled up. I took a step back from him and I guess he noticed why.

Me: So what? You gonna hit me?

His face softened.

Ricky: Baby...

Me: Stay the fuck away from me.

I said looking for Adonis.



He said and I followed his voice with Ricky following me. I found Adonis near the produce section sitting in another trolley of ours. I took him out the trolley.

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