Chapter 59

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I'm crying hard as fuck right now and the pain is unbearable. I'm currently in the hospital ready to get this boy out of me.

Jonathan: I'm here baby. You can do this.

Yeah Jonathan is with me cause Ricky's bitch ass ain't answering the phone. My water broke at a restaurant Jonathan took me for our date.

Me: I can't do this (crying).

Jonathan: You can baby. He's almost here.

I'm ready to get this baby out man. My doctor came in wearing some gloves. He pulled up my hospital gown but Jonathan stopped him.

Jonathan: The fuck you doing man?

Doctor: I need to check if she's dilating sir.

He then let his hand go. I swear I always get the crazy ones. The doctor then started feeling on my coochie. Shit felt weird. The nurses then came.

Doctor: She's ready to push. Be ready.

They nodded their heads at him. Oh I'm definitely ready to get this baby out.

Doctor: I'm gonna need you to push for me okay?

Say no more.

Doctor: 3 2 1. Push.

I started pushing hard as fuck. This shit hurts. I felt my shit tearing. I gave myself a few breaths before I pushed again. I then started to give up cause the pain was too much.

Me: I can't do this shit. It's too much (crying).

Jonathan: Come on baby you got this. I know you do.

Those words gave me hope, hope that I needed right now. Okay let's do this shit.

Doctor: Let's get this baby out, shall we?

I nodded my head and began pushing again. After 7 more pushes, he was out. I heard his cries and I instantly started crying. They laid him on my chest and he kept quiet. He's so adorable man.

Jonathan: See I told you that you can do it.

I'm just happy I got this shit done. They took him away and instant mom mode began to kick in.

Me: Can you follow them?

He nodded his head and left.

Doctor: Don't worry ma'am. He's in safe hands.

Yeah I'm not taking any chances. They cleaned and stitched me up. Wow no dick for 6 weeks. I then closed my eyes and took a nap.

2 hours later

I woke up and looked to my side to see Ricky with the baby. Anger then got the best of me.

Me: Where were you?

He glared at me. Glare at me all you want dumb nigga.

Ricky: I was with Gina and.....

Me: Get the fuck out.

Is he serious right now?

Ricky: Lulu.....

Me: No I'm dead serious. I can't believe you missed the birth of your child for your bitch.

Ricky: Don't call her out her name.

Me: I'll do whatever the fuck I want Ricky cause it's clear that she matters more to you than your own son.

Ricky: I have a child with her man.

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