Chapter 25 (Part Two)

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He looked behind me and the look on his face was absolutely terrifying. I looked behind me to see a man in a suit and the same girl Ricky argued with at the mall a few months ago, but this time she's pregnant.

They got to the table and everyone got silent. They sat down across from Ricky and I. I kept rubbing his thigh to try and calm him down. The guy beside her then spoke.

Him: Hello family.

Oh so he's family.

Ricky's momma: Hola mi bebé. I'm surprised you actually came.

Him: I'd never miss it for the world momma. I had to come see you and my little siblings.

Momma? Little siblings? Wait, he's Ricky's brother? He then looked at me and smiled.

Him: And I see Ricky got himself a lil girlfriend too (chuckling).

When he said that I heard Ricky growl. Oop, that shit made me wet.

Aaliyah: You shouldn't be here after what you did Alejandro.

So that's his name, Alejandro?

Alejandro: That happened 2 years ago man, get over it already (chuckling).

Wait, what did he do? I felt Ricky's grip on my hand getting tighter by the second.

Me: Oww.

Everyone faced our direction and he let my hand go.

Ricky: I'm sorry.

Me: It's okay.

Ricky looked at my hand and started rubbing it. He then kissed it and I found that kinda cute but the girl beside Alejandro then spoke.

Her: I see your already putting your hands on her, classic Ricky.

Ricky's head snapped up quickly and he gave both of them a death glare. The girl ended up looking at me.

Her: Do you know what he did to me when we were together?

Ricky's momma: Brittney stop.

Brittney: No momma, I think it's time for her to know the truth before it's too late for her like it was for me.

Aaliyah: Bitch your doing way too much.

Miyoki: Yeah shut up. The shit he did to you was your fault.

I'm so confused right now. What are they even talking about? What did Ricky do that is so bad?

Brittney: Oh so him beating me and raping me was my fault?

Wait what? Silence then fell onto the table. I looked at Ricky and he looked very pissed off.

Brittney: Are you mad because I'm telling her the truth?

Miyoki: Girl you cheated on him with multiple other dudes and his own brother when he loved your bitch ass.

Brittney: I loved him too but what was I supposed to do? Stay in an abusive relationship with a bipolar nigga that could've killed me whenever? He saved me from Ricky.

Silence then fell onto the table again.

Aaliyah: I think you've said enough. Its time for y'all to leave.

She didn't pay no mind to what Aaliyah said, she just continued talking. As she was talking she looked at Ricky.

Brittney: You raped me, beat me and verbally abused me everyday after the day you found out I was cheating on you. You did that for months Ricky, oh let's not forget that you killed two of my babies. I knew that was the last straw. When Alejandro took me to the police station and I got a restraining order against you, I knew that was the day my life was gonna change for the better.

I think Ricky's mom got aggravated because she spoke.

Ricky's momma: You guys should leave now.

She ignored Ricky's momma and looked straight at me.

Brittney: You better get out this relationship of yours before it's too late.

Brittney and Alejandro both got up and left. I tried to digest everything. He raped her? Her beat her? He killed two of her babies? I then suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I got up and went to the front of the house.

I sat at the steps and fell into a deep thought. I then felt the front door open and close. I realised that it was Miyoki and Aaliyah. I sighed when they sat down beside me.

Miyoki: Are you okay?

Me: I don't know to be honest. What she said, was it all true?

They both kept quiet and I took that as a yes. I then sighed and my mind was roaming.

Aaliyah: That was years ago Lulu, he's changed.

Me: But that still doesn't make it right. He abused her, he raped her and he killed her children.

Miyoki: It wasn't him okay.

What the.....when Miyoki realised what she said, she quickly closed her mouth while Aaliyah facepalmed herself.

Me: What do you mean it wasn't him?

They looked at each other and looked behind me. I also looked behind me and saw Ricky standing there.

Miyoki: I think it's time for us to go back inside.

Aaliyah: Yeah, bye sis-in-law.

They both got up and went inside.

Ricky: Come inside man.

Me: No I'm good here. I think I'm ready to go home now.

Ricky: Don't do this man.

Me: Don't do what Ricky? React on what she just told me? Which is the truth? You raped her, you beat her up and you killed two of her kids Ricky. You.....

Ricky: I KNOW!!

The sound of his voice made me jump. It made me think of my past relationship. It was very toxic and he was abusive, that's why I believed Brittney. I think he saw how scared I was because he started calming down.

Ricky: I-I'm sorry baby. I didn't mean to yell at you like that.

I got up only to be pulled back by Ricky. I yanked my hand back. I was honestly disgusted by him.

Me: Don't touch me.

He nodded his head and then spoke.

Ricky: Look I'm sorry I didn't tell you about what I did to her but I didn't think I'd be in that space ever again. I'm happy with you and I'll never do that to you baby.

I don't know but I believe him, I feel safe with him. Something I never felt with Malik.

Me: Miyoki said that you didn't do all that shit to her, so who did?

He looked uneasy. He looked like he was having a debate with himself on whether he should tell me or not. Well I got impatient and I was about to leave till he stood in front of me.

Ricky: D-don't l-leave m-me.

He sounded different and I looked at him. Something caught my eye and it was scaring me. His eyes kept changing colour. From his normal eye colour which is brown and it went to blue.

Me: Ricky are you okay?

He looked at me and I saw that his eyes were blue now. What the fuck is going on?

Ricky: I....

Ricky's momma: It's okay baby.

Where did she come from?

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To be continued.....

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