Chapter 60

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I was awakened by Adonis's loud cries. I got up of bed and walked to his crib. I decided to have him in the same room as me so that I won't walk long distances. I picked him up from his crib and I started rocking him.

I checked the time to see that it's 03:45am, man having a baby isn't easy cause they be waking up at such random times. I continued rocking him but he wouldn't stop screaming his lungs out.

I checked his diaper and it was clean. I then thought he might be hungry so I pulled my titty out and stuck it in his mouth. But he wasn't hungry since it just fell out of his mouth.

I then decided to check his temperature and he was burning up. My baby is sick y'all.

Me: Aww mommy's baby.

Jonathan: Is he okay?

I turned around to see Jonathan rubbing his eyes and getting out of bed.

Me: He's sick. Can you get me some Panado? That'll put him to sleep then I can take him to a clinic tomorrow.

He nodded his head and got the Panado with a spoon.

Jonathan: When will he get his shot?

Me: When he's 3 months.

Adonis is only a week old and he's already getting sick. I need to take him to a clinic tomorrow to see if there's anything wrong with him. I then fed him the Panado and he drank it. I then started rocking him back and forth.

In the meantime I googled what I should do. Then I saw a tiktok of a woman putting wet socks on her child then dry socks and then the baby was fine. Lemme try that.

Me: Can you grab two pairs of socks for him? Wet the first pair and leave the other pair dry.

He nodded his head and went into the bathroom. He then came out with the socks. I laid Adonis down and took off his onesie. I put the wet socks on him first then the dry socks. He started calming down. I guess maybe he was feeling really hot.

Me: I think he's starting to feel better.

I saw that he was fighting his sleep, although he'll pass out in a few seconds and then he did. Jonathan and I went back to sleep also.


Damn how long was I out? I woke up to see Adonis is in Jonathan's arms. Such an adorable site. He looked at me and smiled.

Jonathan: Hey sleepy head.

Me: Good morning baby. How's Adonis now?

Jonathan: He's back to his normal self. I managed to give him a bath so go take a shower before he wants you to feed him (chuckling).

Ain't gotta tell me twice. This man is amazing. I got up and gave him a kiss. I went into the bathroom and did my morning hygiene. I went into the room to see Adonis moving about on my our bed. Jonathan was beside him watching him. He looked up at me and smiled.

Jonathan: You look good.

Me: Come on, I'm in my towel.

I said rolling my eyes.

Jonathan: How about you take it off?

Me: Don't say that in front of Adonis.

Jonathan: He can't hear anything.

Me: You know we can't do anything for the next 5 weeks.

Jonathan: Damn look who's counting. I guess you miss me more than I do (chuckling).

Oop he caught me. It's been a while since I last had any man.

Me: Whatever.

I said putting my clothes on. Adonis then started whimpering and fidgeting on the bed.

Jonathan: Look who's hungry.

He handed me Adonis and I sat down pulling my titty out. I put it in his mouth and he instantly started sucking. Damn he's really hungry.

Jonathan: The lil man is lucky.

Me: Shut up (giggling).

I felt Adonis nibbling on my nipple. He always does this. His thinks my nipple is a damn chew toy. This shit is all too new to me.

Me: You got any plans today?

Jonathan: Besides going to the warehouse? Nah I got nothing.

I nodded my head. He came over and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

Jonathan: Imma be back in 2 hours okay? Call if you need anything.

Me: Okay baby.

He got his stuff and left the room. Why couldn't Ricky be like this? Sigh. Why do I keep thinking about that bum ass nigga? My titty fell out of Adonis's mouth and I looked down to see him sleeping. This kid is like a cat, he's always sleeping but I ain't complaining. I went downstairs with him to make some food.

Armando: Do you need a hand?

Armando said coming into the kitchen. He's been very helpful whenever Jonathan is not around.

Me: Can you hold him?

I can't put Adonis in his crib right now because he likes being held for a few minutes until he goes into his deep sleep. I realised this when I was at the hospital. I handed Adonis to Armando and I started making food for all of us.

Armando: Damn he's really tiny.

Me: Yeah he'll get bigger in just a few months.

Armando: How? When all he drinks is milk?

Armando and these damn questions. He's always curious about something.

Me: I don't know, it's just how it is.

Armando: That shit mad weird.

Me: Don't cuss around him.

Armando: Why? It's not like he gon hear me. Will he?

Oh my fucking God.

Me: Go lay him down.

He nodded his head and went upstairs. I heard the door open then close. Jonathan appeared.

Me: Your back already?

Jonathan: I didn't feel like going anymore.

Me: Why not?

Jonathan: Cause I wanna spend some time with you.

He said hugging me from behind. This man is so adorable bro.

Jonathan: Besides Antonio will handle everything.

I nodded my head and continued to make lunch.

Jonathan: Shit smells so good. I gotta wife you up before anyone tries their luck (chuckling).

I rolled my eyes while smiling. I'm honestly happy with him man.

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To be continued.....

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