Chapter 52

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So it's my first appointment today and I'm really nervous. I'm not sure if I'm ready to be a mom right now. Man I'm still in university and I got goals to reach. I'm not sure if I wanna put my life on hold like that.

I'm with Ayisha right now because I still haven't talked to Ricky in so long. I just can't believe he got me pregnant on purpose.

Ayisha: Are you scared?

I nodded my head.

Ayisha: Don't worry I'm here with you.

I'm lucky to have a best friend like her. My thoughts were interrupted when my doctor walked in.

Doctor: Hello, you must be Lulu.

I nodded my head.

Doctor: Well I'm Doctor Singh

I shook his hand.

Me: Nice to meet you Doc.

Doctor Singh: Let's get started shall we?

Me: Yeah.

Doctor Singh: I need you to lift your shirt up and lay down.

I did as instructed. He brought a gel like substance and rubbed it on my stomach. That shit was cold as fuck man. He then placed this weird looking thing on my stomach and started moving it around. We then heard a heartbeat.

Doctor Singh: There's your baby.

Damn my anxiety is through the roof. Shit is getting real now.

Ayisha: Should it be beating that fast?

Doctor Singh: Don't worry ma'am it's perfectly normal.

Ayisha: So the baby is fine?

Doctor Singh: Yes ma'am, I see no problems at all.

Thank God.

Doctor Singh: Would you like an photo of the baby?

I nodded my head. He hummed and removed the thing from my stomach. I wiped my stomach and he gave me a photo. I looked at the picture and it was my baby man. Damn.

Doctor Singh: Here's a schedule of when your next appointments will be.

He said giving me a piece of paper with a timetable on it.

Me: Thank you.

He nodded his head and left.

Ayisha: Ooouuu lemme see my niece or nephew.

She said cheesing her ass off. I gave her the photo.

Ayisha: Omg it's small as fuck.

Why did I bring her here again?

Me: Don't talk shit about my baby.

Ayisha: Haven't even given birth yet but your already so defensive. Mommy of the year award goes to you (giggling).

I rolled my eyes and got off the bed. We walked out of the room.

Ayisha: I can't wait to spoil em.

My kid gon be spoiled rotten. We made our way in the hallways and then we saw Ricky at the entrance with his bitch. Oh great.

Ayisha: Oh hell no. What the fuck are they doing here?

Me: I don't know and I don't care.

We made our way to the entrance and he stopped us.

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