Chapter 63

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Damn it's been years man. Not gonna lie I missed y'all. Shit has been hard I won't lie and Lulu went off the radar. I haven't seen my son in 2 years. I've been focusing on being a father to Armani.

I haven't seen my friends and family in a long time and I bet they probably mad at my ass for that. There's just too much going on with me and I don't want anything to see me in this state.

Today I decided to go to the trap house before I go see Gina and Armani. Damn, I haven't been here in months now. Gina been annoying me a lot and I'm not able to do anything anymore.

I don't socialise with my friends or family anymore because I have to cater to Gina and her bullshit. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter and I'll do anything for her but her momma? Is fucking annoying.

I walked inside the trap house. Damn this place will never change. There's so many bitches here, I would get all over them but I'm a father now.

Omar: Ay look who it is.

They all turned around and looked at me. They rolled their eyes and faced away from me. I saw that Santiago didn't even look at me, not even once.

Me: Oh so it's like that now?

Manny: Nigga fuck you.

What the fuck did I do?

Me: What I do man?

Omar looked at me like I've lost my mind.

Omar: You dropped us for that bitch of a baby mother of yours.

Me: Man what was I supposed to do?

Santana: Not drop us for her asshole.

Damn even Santana too.

Me: Santiago?

He kept quiet and kept doing whatever he was doing.

Me: Come on man, you gon do me like this?

Omar: Man shut your goofy ass up. He ain't got shit to say to you.

Me: Nigga why you getting between us?

Omar: You let that bitch get between y'all.

Me: Bro I'm a father now. Am I not supposed to take care of my kid?

Omar: Bitch we got kids too and we take care of them but we've never ghosted y'all.

Santana faced Manny.

Santana: Who wants to bet that his bitch ass doesn't know because he was too busy catering to that hoe ass baby momma of his.

He said chuckling. What's that supposed to mean?

Me: What the fuck are you talking about?

They all sarcastically laughed. Then silence fell into the room. Then Omar spoke up.

Omar: His mother died.

What? Nah they joking. Where the cameras at? Cause I know I'm getting punked.

Santana: And we tried to contact you on the day of the funeral.

Me: Y'all fucking with me.

Omar: Check your phone bitch ass nigga.

I groaned and rolled my eyes. I got on my phone to see that my messages and call logs were full. Bro how didn't I see these? I started feeling bad.

Me: Santiago.....

Santiago: Get the fuck out man.

Me: I'm sorry man, I didn't know.

Omar: You would've, if you checked your phone.

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