Chapter 3

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Mr Smith: Get in, I'll take you there.

I nodded my head and got in the backseat. I saw that Ayisha was also there.

Ayisha: Oh hey.

Me: Hey.

I shut the door and then I felt the car moving.

Ayisha: Which university did you get transferred to?

Me: New York Stanford University.

Ayisha: Omg no way, I go there.

I figured. What a coincidence.

Me: I guess you'll have to show me around then since I'm the new kid now.

Ayisha: Don't worry I got your back.

I heard her father chuckling. Must be because he knows that we'll be very close after all of this. I knew it as well. I felt the car come to a stop and then I noticed we're at the university. We got out the car and looked at him.

Mr Smith: Well have an amazing day at school girls.

Me: Thank you sir.

Mr Smith: Oh and Ayisha, keep an eye on your new friend okay?

Ayisha: Don't worry dad, I will (giggling).

He pulled out the driveway and we went into the building.

Ayisha: I think we need to stop by the office because you'll need your schedule and all.

I nodded my head and we walked to the office. There was a light-skin woman with curly hair at the reception. She was very pretty. Ayisha walked over to her and smiled at her.

Ayisha: Hey Mrs Simmons.

Mrs Simmons: Hey Ayisha. Who do you have here for me?

Ayisha: Oh this is Lulu, the new kid and she needs her schedule.

I waved at her.

Me: Good morning Mrs Simmons.

Mrs Simmons: Good morning sweetie, here's your schedule.

She handed me my schedule and I took it from her.

Me: Thank you and have an amazing day ma'am.

Mrs Simmons: You too sweetie.

We left the office and walked into the hallways again. There was a lot of people here. I felt my schedule leave my hands. This bitch did not just snatch my shit outta my hands.

Ayisha: Lemme see what you got.

She said as her eyes were roaming my schedule.

Ayisha: Well damn, you got Miss Bawlhafer.

Me: Who the fuck is that?

Ayisha: Your chemistry lecturer, well our chemistry lecturer since our schedules are pretty much the same.

Me: For real?

Guess I'm stuck with her, whether I like it or not.

Ayisha: Yeah, I guess your stuck with me (laughing). Come on let's hurry.

She grabbed my hand and basically dragged me to the class. Damn it was fucking huge. I then saw an old white lady standing by a screen.

Ayisha: Good morning Miss Bawlhafer.

Miss Bawlhafer: Good morning Ayisha, who is this?

Me: Good morning ma'am, I'm the new transfer student from Texas.

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