Chapter 51

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I woke up and quickly ran to the bathroom. I emptied everything I had last night into the toilet. Once I was done I spat out the remains. I flushed the toilet and I brushed my teeth.

I hate Ricky so much and I never wanna see him again. I told him I wasn't on the pill and he still decided to cum inside of me. I guess I'm pregnant with his child now because I don't believe in abortion.

I still gotta figure out how imma tell Jonathan about this. I feel bad for leading him on like this only to get pregnant by my bum ass ex boyfriend. I finished everything and I made my way outside the house. I got into my car and headed for Ricky's house.

I'm only going there to get the rest of my shit and after that, I'm never speaking to this nigga ever again. I put that on my life. I got there and I knocked. The door then opened.

Her: Who the fuck are you?

I looked down to see that this girl is pregnant and her baby bump is big. She must be Gina.

Me: No one important.

I said pushing her to the side by her head and walking in.


Me: You better watch yourself before you lose that baby.


I ignored the bitch and went upstairs. I took one of the suitcases and started putting my stuff in it. I heard the bitch downstairs going back and forth with Ricky. I heard them coming upstairs.


Ricky: Relax. I'll handle it.

Lmao you ain't gon handle shit but your baby momma.

Ricky: What are you doing here?

Me: Getting my shit obviously.

Ricky: Let's talk about this man.

Me: I'm done talking with you Ricky. I'm done, for real this time.

I said as I zipped up the suitcase. I picked it up and headed for the door but this bitch was standing in the way.

Me: Can you move out the fucking way?

Gina: I'm pretty sure you can get out.

Me: Bitch your fat as a hippo. How the fuck am I supposed to squeeze out this bitch?

She looked taken back and she looked mad but who gives a fuck? She then looked behind me.

Gina: Are you gonna let her talk to me like this?

Me: Bitch he don't give two fucks about your sumo wrestler ass. Now get the fuck outta my way and let me go home damn.

She then started crying and I rolled my eyes. I moved her out the way. I felt my hair being pulled back and when I tell you I turned around fast as fuck. I yanked my hair back and slapped the fuck outta her. I then got pushed onto the floor by Ricky.

Ricky: Put your hands on her again and it's on site.

Wow. I can't believe I gave up my virginity to this nigga.

Me: Tell your bitch to never put her hands on me nigga.

Ricky: You really bout to fight with a pregnant woman?

Me: I'm pregnant too bitch so we're even.

He looked taken back and the bitch behind him looked livid.

Ricky: What?


Fucking putas. She then started hitting Ricky and he held her hands.

Ricky: Get your ass in that room.

She started fake crying again and went in the room. He extended his hand and tried to help me up but I slapped his hand away.

Me: Don't fucking touch me.

I got up and got my suitcase and went downstairs.

Ricky: Wait man.

Did I stop? No the fuck I didn't. I then felt my arm being grabbed. I looked back at him and snatched it back. He honestly disgusts me.

Ricky: Are you really pregnant?

Me: Yes.

I left him standing there. I can't believe I got pregnant by his bitch ass. I got into my car and headed home but not without stopping by the store to get 3 pregnancy tests. I got home and went upstairs to my room. I went into the bathroom and took the pregnancy tests.

I waited 3 minutes and I said a small prayer. Lord if I'm not pregnant, I'll go to church everyday. After 3 minutes I looked at the sticks. All I saw was 2 lines. Tears started running down. I can't believe I'm really pregnant with Ricky's second child.

I don't know how I'll tell Jonathan. Speaking of Jonathan, I heard a car pull up outside and my door opened. I heard footsteps coming up. I quickly hid the pregnancy tests and wiped my tears. He then came into the room.

Jonathan: Hey mama.

Me: H-hey.

Jonathan: What's wrong?

He came over to me and gave me a big hug.

Jonathan: You know you can tell me anything darling.

My anxiety was through the roof and I started hyperventilating. What if he doesn't wanna be with me anymore because of this?

Jonathan: Hey calm down ma. I'm right here.

He wiped my tears away and he sat me down on the bed.

Jonathan: Your boyfriend fucking with you again?

I shook my head no.

Jonathan: Then tell me what's wrong.

Me: I was drunk last night and we had sex.

He looked uneasy.

Me: I-I'm.....I-I'm.....

I kept hiccuping with each word. I couldn't look him in the eyes and tell him this. I lowered my head.

Me: I'm pregnant.

I felt so much weight being lifted off of my shoulders.

Jonathan: Oh.

Me: I'm sorry Jonathan. I was drunk and..... and....

Jonathan: It's okay.

I looked up at him in disbelief.

Me: What?

Jonathan: I have to tell you something too.


Jonathan : I have a 3 year old son.

Me: Oh.

Well damn.

Me: That's okay.

I said as I wiped the rest of my tears away.

Jonathan: His mother isn't around so your good (chuckling).

I giggled a lil bit with him.

Me: So your not mad?

Jonathan: Not at all but if he puts his hands on you again, then I'll be mad.

I felt so relieved. He came closer to me and our lips connected. It felt so right. It felt so good. I felt safe again.

Jonathan: I'm down for you ma and I need to know if your down for me too.

Me: I'm down for you.

Welcome to Death row part 2.

I didn't proof read, I apologise for any errors.
To be continued.....

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