Chapter 41

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It's been the longest 2 weeks ever. I had exams, projects to submit and nursing this needy ass nigga back to health has been very difficult. Speaking on that dumbass nigga, here he goes calling me again. I sighed and picked it up.

Phone convo

[Ricky🖤]: Where you at?

[Me]: Well hello to you too.

[Ricky🖤]: I can't find my medication, where'd you put it?

[Me]: It's by the bed by your side Ricky.

I said rolling my eyes. I'm with Ayisha and we're about to watch the new Avatar movie.

[Ricky🖤]: Man it's not here. Where'd you put em?

[Me]: They are by your side man, check the drawers.

I heard him shuffling in the background and opening things.

[Ricky🖤]: Man come help me look cause I can't find them.

[Me]: No Ricky I'm about to watch this movie.

[Ricky🖤]: We'll watch it together man.

[Me]: But......

[Ricky🖤]: Please man I'm in pain right now.

He said and it sounded like his voice was cracking. I sighed. I hate this nigga man.

[Me]: I'm on my way.

I said and I heard him humming.

Phone convo over

Me: I gotta go.

Ayisha: What? But the movie is about to start.

Me: Yeah but Ricky needs me right now.

Sheronda: Needy ass nigga, we'll see you later then.

I nodded my head and left. I got in my car and drove home. I got home and went upstairs. I got into the room and at the door frame I can see the pills on the bed. This bitch ass nigga.


Ricky: I'm in here gimme a sec.

He said in the bathroom. I can't believe he made me miss my movie. I laid down on the bed and looked up. He opened the door and walked into the room. I was about to pop off on this nigga but I was that he was standing on both his feet, also his cast was gone.

Me: What the fuck?

I said getting up and looking at his leg.

Ricky: Wassup? (smiling).

Me: Where's your cast?

Ricky: I got it removed today.

He said laying me on the bed.

Ricky: Now we can fuck again (chuckling).

He said wiggling his eyebrows. Oh my God.

Ricky: 3 weeks without no pussy. Damn that's torture.

He said as I felt his hand in between my thighs. I can't believe I missed my movie for this shit. But looks like we're about to make a movie of our own.

I started tugging on his pants. He got up and took em off while I took off everything I had on. He was left in nothing but his boxers. He hovered over me again and started kissing on my neck.


I got impatient with all the kisses he was giving me. Not that I didn't want them but I just really wanted some dick man. It's been 3 weeks. So I flipped us over and pulled his boxers down. His dick sprung out and stood tall making him groan.

Ricky: Mmm guess I'm not the only one that wants this (chuckling).

I rolled my eyes and swallowed his whole dick. His chuckles were soon replaced with moans. I then used my hands. I moved them clockwise and anti-clockwise while I was sucking him up. I saw it in a porn video, hey don't judge me I'm just tryna please my man.

Ricky: Ohh fuckkk.

And looks like it's working. I did that for a while till I decided to deep throat him. I felt his  dick sliding up and down my throat. I then began humming and I saw his legs moving around. Yeah I saw this in a porn video too.

I bobbed my head up and down his dick, still humming by the way. No lie, I gave him some sloppy head so I decided to slurp all the spit up. Nasty I know. But the things we do when we having sex lmao. My spit was mixed with his precum.

Ricky: I-I'm g-gonna cum.

He said and I watched as his toes curl up then I felt his sweet cum slide down my throat. But did that stop me from suck his dick? No lmao. I kept going.

Ricky: Okay stop.

He said trying to get me off of him but I wasn't budging. I had to make him pay for making me miss my movie.

Ricky: Man g-get off.

Sadly I did not move. I kept going until I felt his cum slide down my throat again but I just kept sucking. I looked up at him and I saw that he was clinging onto the bed sheets. That's so hot.

Ricky: Oh fuck stop.

I ain't stopping till you nut again.


I giggled while I still gave him some head. This time he tried to pull me up so I can stop but I hummed again and he stopped.



Ricky: Baby I can't, please.

Oh now we begging I see? I like that.

Ricky: I-I'm g-gonna c-cum.

He said shaking. His legs were just moving constantly.

Ricky: FUCK!!!

He said as I felt his cum shoot down my throat for the third time. He laid down flat on the bed. He looks really tired.

Me: Are you okay?

He was worrying me cause he was breathing heavily. What's wrong with him?

Ricky: You just sucked my soul outta my dick.

I giggled and stroked it again.

Ricky: Leave me the fuck alone.

Aww guess I ain't getting no dick but at least he got rid of the nut he's been storing for 3 weeks. He got under the covers and went to sleep. Damn I sucked that dick!! Now he's tired. I did good.

I may not get any dick even though I had to leave my movie for his bullshit but I'm always willing to snatch his soul again.

I didn't proof read, I apologise for any errors.
To be continued.....

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