Chapter 31

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I won't say that the past month things have been okay between Lulu and I. All we seem to do is argue a lot. That's my fault since she caught me cheating. I don't know what happened and I don't know why I cheated.

I had a threesome with some of my old flings and when I fell asleep I guess they took pictures. They posted them and they tagged Lulu. See why I don't fuck with hoes?

On that day I went home to find Lulu packing all of her stuff.


Me: Baby I'm.....

Lulu: Leave me the fuck alone Ricky. I'm so done with you right now (crying).

It breaks my heart to see her crying like this. And knowing that it's my fault, it hurts my heart even more.

Me: Baby it was an accident.

Lulu: Your never gonna change huh? You claim to love me yet your always cheating on me.

Me: I'm sorry.

Lulu: Well fuck you and your sorries. I'm done.

She zipped up her bags and got her luggage. She pushed past me and went downstairs while I just followed her trying to convince her to stay. I grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

Me: I'm sorry for the shit that I did baby and I know apologising won't make up for it but please don't leave me man. I need you.

She shook her head and snatched her hand away from me.

Lulu: Have a nice life Ricky.

And with that she left.


After that day I haven't seen her since. I been trying to communicate with her but she blocked me on all social media platforms and I don't blame her man. I fucked up big time and I don't know how to make up for it.

Right now I'm with Santiago and the gang smoking. I've been hella depressed lately and I'm not the same nigga I was before man. Shit I'm heartbroken and I caused this.

Me: I miss her man.

Omar: Man get that girl out your head. She don't want you no more. Why stay on her when so many bitches out here want you?

Santiago: Ricky don't listen to this fool, he comes from a fucked up home. His parents got divorced before he was even born.

Omar: Well fuck you nigga.

Santiago: Anyways, I been telling you to just go to her house man. She won't have a choice but to listen to your apology.

Me: Her old man might be there man and I ain't tryna cause any trouble.

Santiago: Look I'll go with you man because I don't like seeing you like this. That girl makes you happy and I'll help you win her back but if you fuck up one more time then your on your own man.

I nodded my head at him. He's a really friend, heck this nigga is my brother man. He got up and I just watched.

Santiago: Let's go.

Me: Now?

Santiago: You want your girlfriend back or not nigga? (groaning) .

I got up hella fats and grabbed my keys. We went to my car and I started driving to her house.

Me: I really hope she takes me back man.

Santiago: I hope so too cause I'm tired of sad Ricky man.

I rolled my eyes.

Santiago: Man don't fuck up no more cause she's a good girl, judging by how you been lately I know you'll regret it if she leaves you forever.

Me: I know man.

Santiago: Nah nigga you don't cause I been telling your dumbass to not cheat on her and you keep doing that shit. Stop fucking yourself over when shit goes good in your life. It's time to grow the fuck up if you tryna keep her man.

Me: I hear you bro.

Santiago giving me a lecture? Damn I never saw that one coming. We got to Lulu's house and I'm glad her old man and there. I switched my car off and we headed to her house.

We opened the door and we heard voices. We made our way over to the lounge and we saw Ayisha comforting a crying Lulu.

Ayisha: Lulu you gotta calm down okay?

Lulu: I-I j-just m-miss him so much.

Ayisha: I know you do but you gotta stop crying like this.

Lulu: W-what i-if he d-doesn't l-love me anymore?

She knows I'll never stop loving her. I crept up behind them.

Me: I'll always love you mama.

They both turned around and looked at us.

Santiago: Baby let's give them some space.

She nodded her head and got up. They left and I took Ayisha's place. I looked at her and she doesn't look so good. She looks like she been crying a lot and she looks sick.

Lulu: W-what are you d-doing h-here?

Yeah she's sick.

Me: I just came to see you man. I know I should've came earlier but I didn't know if you wanted to see me or not.

She nodded her head as she continued to wipe her tears away.

Lulu: I'm fine, you can leave now.

Me: Deep down I know you don't want me to leave because I know you missed me as much as I missed you.

She tried getting up but I pulled her down making her sit my lap and face me.

Me: Look I know I messed up big time by doing the shit I did. I was high on cocaine, edibles, weed and I was drunk. I know that doesn't give me a free pass to cheat because I put myself in that situation but I want you to know that I regret it. I regret it every single day when I have to wake up and your not there. When I don't have anyone to call, to text, to take shopping and to spoil.

More tears started sliding down her cheeks but I wiped them away.

Me: I know i broke your heart but my heart has been bleeding ever since that day. Imma do everything in my power to make things right again. I'm not myself when your not with me. Im not stable without you baby and you know this. Your the only thing that keeps me sane. Your the only thing that stops me from wanting to kill all these niggas out here. I need you mama.

She looked like she was in a deep thought and she sighed.

Lulu: If you cheat on me ever again....

Me: I promise I won't baby. Please just come back to me.

She nodded her head and she rested her head on my shoulder. I gave her a big hug. Home is where the heart is right? I guess she's my home then.

I didn't proof read, I apologise for any errors.
To be continued.....

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