Chapter 13

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FRIDAY AT 18:00 pm.

Ayisha: He just texted you, he's gonna be here in a few minutes.

My heart started beating rapidly and fast in my chest. I guess Ayisha noticed.

Ayisha: Okay breathe breathe.

I breathed in and out.

Me: What if I ruin everything?

Ayisha: You won't okay? Now you look amazing and he'll instantly fall in love with your shy ass.

Me: You think so?

Ayisha: I know so.

I then heard a car pull up. Omg that must be him and it's making me more nervous. This is my first real date to be honest.

Ayisha: Don't wanna make him waiting now do we? (giggling).

We went downstairs and she opened the door. I saw Ricky sitting on the bonnet of his car. He had flowers and chocolate in his hands. That's so cute.

He looked my way and he looked frozen. I walked over to him and I don't wanna lie, this man looks good. He kept staring at me for some reason and it made me smile.

Me: You like it?

Ricky: No.


Ricky: I fucking love it. You look so amazing mama.

Me: Thank you (smiling). And you don't look too bad yourself.

Ricky: Girl shut your ass up cause you know I look fly.

I nodded my head and gave him a big hug. He smells so nice.

Ricky: These are for you.

He handed me the flowers and the chocolate. I then began to smell the flowers.

Me: Their beautiful, thank you.

Ricky: Let's get going.

He opened my door and I got in. He also got in and started his car. He then pulled out of my driveway and got onto the road. We then got to the restaurant. We got out the car and we went inside.

Waiter: How may I help you sir?

Ricky: Reservations for Rodriguez.

Waiter: Right this way sir.

We then followed the waiter to the table and Ricky's surname is Rodriguez? Nice. We sat down and he looked at me.

Me: Is there something on my face?

He shook his head no.

Me: Then why you looking at me?

Ricky: Just tryna admire all of your features mama.

That brought a smile to my face, which made him smile too.

Ricky: Your beautiful.

Oop. This man better shut the fuck up before I let him take my virginity.

Waiter: Hello guys, my name is Damon and I'll be your waiter today. What can I get you guys?

Ricky: I'll have the steak and the Greek salad.

Waiter: And you ma'am? (smiling).

Me: Um. I'll have what he's having.

Waiter: And what would you like to drink?

Me: A bottle of red wine will be fine for the both of us.

Waiter: Alright. I'll be back in a few minutes with your orders.

He left and I saw that Ricky wasn't the same anymore. He looked really mad and he was staring a hole into our waiters back.

Me: Ricky?

He snapped out of his trance and looked at me.

Me: Are you okay?

He nodded his head and I saw that he had a firm grip on the knife that was on the table beside him. I held his hand and he slowly calmed down. That made him drop the knife.

Me: Don't worry about him, I'm here with you okay?

Ricky: Okay.

Our food finally came back and we ate. The food was bussing. We finished eating and he looked at me again.

Me: Stop (whining).

Ricky: I can't (chuckling).

This man is amazing to be honest, well apart from all the bad things he does. For some reason he got serious.

Ricky: I need tell you something.

I nodded my head and waited for him to tell me.

Ricky: I been on some "fuck bitches" type shit. My ex girlfriend of 3 years cheated on me with my own brother and after that shit went down 2 years ago I thought I'd never care for someone ever again. Until I met you.

Oh. Is he going where I think he's going?

Ricky: You make me feel shit I've never felt before and I hate you for that (chuckling).

Hearing him say that made me smile.

Ricky: I've grown close to you man and I don't wanna let the shit I feel for you go. I mean believe me I've tried (chuckling). But I couldn't.

He held my hands and looked me in the eyes.

Ricky: What I'm tryna say is, will you be my.......

Is he going to ask me to be his.......

Ricky: Will you be my girlfriend?

Omgggggg. Did he just ask me to be his girlfriend? I don't know what to say, I'm over the moon man. He looked anxious as I stared at him, not giving him an answer.

Me: O-of course I'll be your girlfriend.

He gave me a very cute smile and he leaned over kissing me on the forehead.

Ricky: Your mine now, welcome to death row bitch (chuckling).

Omg I'm gonna die. I giggled and got up with him. He held my hand and took us to the front of the restaurant where he paid the bill. We went back to the car and we both got in. He then started driving.

Ricky: Really can't believe I have a girlfriend (chuckling).

Me: Never believed I'll have a boyfriend after what I went through.

I sighed and he took a few glances at me.

Ricky: Whatchu mean what you went through? What happened in your last relationship man?

Me: I-I'm not ready to talk about that yet.

He nodded his head and continued driving.

Ricky: I ain't gon force you about your past man. Shit happened, now either you learn from it or not but imma always be here to listen to you. Heck I didn't have a great past but all that matters right now is the present.

He said the last part with a smile. That made me smile also. I got lucky with him man.

I didn't proof read, I apologise for any errors.
To be continued.....

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