Chapter 53

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Today I decided to tell my dad about my pregnancy. I know he won't be happy but I ain't aborting my child. I'm 4 months pregnant now and I'm beginning to show, just a lil.

Me: Dad I gotta talk to you.

I said and he stopped doing his work.

Dad: Wassup sweetie?

Me: Please don't be mad when I tell you.

Dad: Is it that serious?

I nodded my head. Damn my anxiety is through the roof.

Dad: Okay. I promise.

I hope he doesn't blow off on me.

Me: I'm......

There's a big lump in my throat.

Me: I'm.....

Here goes nothing.

Me: I'm pregnant.

He looked frozen for a while.

Me: And the baby is Ricky's.

He still looked frozen. He sighed and had his head in his hands.

Dad: Where did I go wrong?

Me: What?

Dad: What is wrong with you?


Me: What do you mean?

Dad: I told you to stay away from that boy but you didn't listen. Now look at you, your pregnant with his kid.

Me: Dad I didn't know that this was gonna happen.

He gave me a disappointed look.

Dad: Your mother would be so disappointed.

Damn, that hurts.

Me: I'm sorry dad I....

Dad: Don't talk to me right now man.

He said getting up but I followed him. I don't like it when he's mad at me.

Me: Dad please just listen to me.

We then made it to my room. What the fuck is he doing here?

Me: Why you in my room?

Dad: Cause I'm helping you pack.

Wait, what?

Me: What?

Dad: Clearly your old enough to find a place of your own since your gonna be a mom now.

Me: It was a mistake...

Dad: I'm not raising a child that's carrying a gang bangers kid.

Me: You were a gang banger also.

Dad: True but I didn't have kids at a young age.


Me: Mom wouldn't like what your doing right now.

Dad: You don't know nothing.

He said taking my clothes out of my wardrobe and throwing them into a suitcase.

Me: Mom....



Me: What are you talking about?

Dad: The same day you were born was the same day your mother died.

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