Chapter 10

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Ayisha: You still haven't told me what happened between you and Ricky.

Me: It doesn't matter anymore.

Ayisha: Okay but if you wanna talk about it, I'm here for you.

I nodded my head and got up going to the trash bin. I threw my food away and I bumped into someone.

Me: Im sorry.

Him: It's okay mama (chuckling).

I looked at the man and he was fine. He had a suit on. He had a rose tattoo on his left hand and some tattoos on each finger. And he also had a tattoo under his eye. He looked Arab in my defence.

Me: I have to go. Again I apologise for bumping into you.

As I walked away I felt a firm grip on my arm. I turned around to see it was him who was holding me.

Him: Lemme talk to you for a sec.

He let my wrist go and I waited to hear what you had to say.

Him: I wanna get to know you ma.

Me: How would you like to do that?

Him: Gimme your number and you'll find out (chuckling).

His chuckle then made me smile. He brought his phone out and he gave it to me. I put my number in and he smiled at me.

Him: Mmm Lulu (chuckling). My names Antonio mama.

And with that he left. Damn the niggas here are fine. I should've moved here a long time ago. I went back to where Ayisha was.

Ayisha: Who was that?

Me: Who was who?

Ayisha: The guy you were talking to.

Me: I don't know he said his name is Antonio or something.

Her whole face changed for some reason.

Ayisha: Gimme a sec.

She got up and went somewhere. Weird. She then came back after a few seconds. She sat down and then Santiago came out of nowhere.

Santiago: What did you call me for?

Ayisha: Tell him bout what you told me.

Me: About what?

Ayisha: The guy you met earlier.

Me: Antonio?

Santiago's face also changed the same way Ayisha's did. What's up with them? Why did his name suddenly spook them?

Santiago: You talked to Antonio?

Me: Well he talked to me. Wait, you know him?

He then looked like he was in a deep thought until I snapped him out of his daze.

Me: Who is he?

Santiago: Your not ready to know that. But what imma tell you is to stay away from him.

Me: What? Why?

Ayisha: Just trust us Lulu, Antonio is a bad guy.

Me: Oh like Ricky right?

They both looked at each other and then at me also giving me a look.

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