Chapter 56

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So I'm 6 months pregnant now. I just got my results and I'm doing extremely good at school.

Jonathan: So how'd you do baby?

Yeah I live with Jonathan now because Ricky and my father have been giving me a hard time. Ricky and I had a very big argument which ended with me giving him the car he gave me. Jonathan is rubbing my feet right now.

Me: I did really good for someone who just showed up here few months after school started (giggling).

Jonathan: Nah you lying, lemme see.

I showed him my results and his eyes got wide.

Jonathan: You smart.

Me: Yes I am.

I then felt a kick in my stomach. Bro I'm 6 months pregnant and this boy is already kicking the fuck outta me. Yeah I'm having a boy.

Jonathan: He's fucking you up huh? (chuckling).

Me: Yeah he is.

The phone to the gate rang. He has guards there.

Jonathan: What?.......Alright let him in.

He put the phone down and got up.

Jonathan: Your bum ass baby daddy is here.

I rolled my eyes and he helped me get up. We both went downstairs to see Ricky there.

Me: What are you doing here?

Ricky: I need to talk to you.

Jonathan: Talk.

Ricky: I'm not gon talk to her while your ass still here.

Me: Whatever you have to say to me you can say it in front of my boyfriend.

Yeah Jonathan is my boyfriend now. We made it official 2 weeks ago. I stood beside him and I saw that it made Ricky tense.

Ricky: My momma and the gang was hoping you'd come over.

I haven't seen or talked to anyone ever since the day Ricky hurt me in front of them.

Jonathan: Couldn't you have just called? Could've spared us the drama.

Ricky: I would've if she hadn't blocked me.

Jonathan: Do you blame her?

Ricky: Man you and I gon have a big problem if you keep talking as if she ain't got a mouth.

Jonathan left my side and stood in front of Ricky.

Jonathan: You got a problem with me?

Ricky chuckled then looked at me.

Ricky: You better get your boyfriend outta my face.

Jonathan: Or what?

Their stare down was interrupted by Antonio coming in.

Antonio: The fuck you doing here Rodriguez?

Jonathan: He was just leaving.

Ricky stepped back and left. Oh thank God. A part of me wanted Jonathan to whoop Ricky's ass but I guess that won't happen today.

Antonio: Boss we need to talk.

He nodded his head and looked at me.

Jonathan: Baby go upstairs. I'll be there in a minute.

I went upstairs and got in bed. Damn being pregnant with a bum ass niggas child is annoying. I then saw Armando at the door, he's Jonathan's little brother.

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