Chapter 4

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Me: So, where's Ricky?

Voice: Right here mama.

The voice came from behind me so I turned around and when I did I was mesmerised.

Ayisha: Ricky this is my friend Lulu and Lulu this is Ricky, Santiago's best friend.

Ricky: Nice to meet you mama (smiling).

I was in a trance. He looked white and Asian. He had tattoos on both his arms, on his neck and some on his face. He looked godly.

Ricky: Your staring shorty (chuckling).

Ayisha: I think we should give them some space (giggling).

She pulled Santiago's hand and they left. I felt a tap on my shoulder which snapped me outta my daze.

Me: I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare or blank out like that.

Ricky: Its alright ma. I know I'm good looking but damn, no need to drool over me.

I then frowned. Oh, he's that type.

Me: Oh so your that type.

He furrowed his eyebrows at me.

Ricky: What type?

Me: The type that knows their good looking. Shit isn't attractive.

I then moved my hair a little.

Ricky: So your that type?

I raised my eyebrow at him in pure confusion.

Me: What type are you talking about?

Ricky: The type that wears fake hair. Shit is sad (chuckling).

I was dumbfounded. This nigga did not just say that to me.

Me: Nigga the fuck you talking about? This is my real hair.

Ricky: Yeah and I'm ugly (chuckling).

Me: Yes you are but this my real hair man.

He put his hand over his chest, dramatic ass.

Ricky: I just met you and your already calling me ugly? That shit hurts coming from you mama.

That word and how he says it man.

Ricky: Your staring again (chuckling).

Me: Mind your own business.

He nodded his head and left. That's until I grabbed his wrist.

Me: Where you going?

Ricky: To mind my own business.

Me: Nigga you can't just leave me here all alone. I basically came here to see you.

He then smirked at me. I then realised what I just said and released his wrist.

Ricky: You came here to see me?

Me: Whatever.

Ricky: I think that's cute.

For some reason I felt myself heat up. What the fuck is wrong with me and this man? He then extended his hand at me. I guess he wants me to hold it.

Ricky: Come on.

Me: Where we going?

Ricky: To get to know each other stupid.

I held his hand and he pulled me inside the house. We then went upstairs. He pulled me into a room, the colours in the room screamed gangster.

Ricky: Make yourself comfortable mama.

This man better shut the fuck up with that word. Anyways I then sat on the bed while he sat on a bean bag that faced a tv.

Me: How we gon get to know each other when your ass is playing a game?

I then heard him groan. Ooouuu. Come on Lulu, your a virgin and you can't say this shit bout a nigga you just met. He then came and sat beside me.

Ricky: I'm all yours ma (chuckling).

Imma end up fucking this man.

Ricky: Whatchu thinking about?

Me: How I'm gonna kick you off this bed.

Ricky: The fuck you kicking me off the bed for? You wanna fight me shorty? (chuckling).

I then sighed and rolled my eyes. I guess he saw since he started talking.

Ricky: You shouldn't roll your eyes without a reason. I heard that they'll get stuck (chuckling).

Me: How do you know that?

Ricky: Google.

This nigga is dumb as fuck. I then began to laugh for some reason.

Ricky: Your laugh is beautiful.

I then felt myself begin to heat up again, not on my face but down there.

Ricky: Can't even tell if you blushing or not (chuckling).

Me: Yeah being brown skin helps a lot (giggling).

Before he can say anything his door opened revealing some guy I don't know.

Ricky: Manny the fuck did I tell you bout opening the door before you knock?

Oh so that's his name.

Manny: We gotta go man, Antonio wants to see us.

His whole face changed and the energy in the room wasn't the same anymore. Who's Antonio? The Manny guy left and Ricky then got up.

Ricky: I gotta go man.

Me: Where you going? What's going on?

Ricky: Look you ain't my girl and I don't have to answer to you.

Wow. I nodded my head and got up. I left the room and went outside. I requested an Uber and I saw him leave the house too. My Uber came and I got in going back home. As I was getting home i felt my phone vibrate. I picked it up to see that it was Ayisha.

Phone convo

[Ayisha]: Girl where you at?

[Me]: I'm going back home.

[Ayisha]: What? Why? Did something happen?
[Me]: You could say that.

[Ayisha]: Tell me what's going on.

[Me]: I'll call you when I get home. Bye.

Phone convo over

I hung up and I looked out the window to see that I'm home already. I paid the Uber guy and I got out shutting the door. I then made my way to the door. I got inside to see that my dad is back. I saw that he was watching football with Ayisha's dad.

Me: Oh hey dad, hey Mr Smith.

Mr Smith: Hey, where's Ayisha?

Me: Probably hanging out with her other friends (giggling).

Mr Smith: Probably with that thug boyfriend of hers again.

He rolled his eyes and I looked shocked while my dad was confused. He looked at our faces and started talking.

Mr Smith: He's been with that boy of hers for 2 years now. There's nothing I can do.

Dad: What boy?

Mr Smith: He's a gang banger. Part of a gang around in this area.

Dad: There's a gang around her?

Oh my God. Why did he have to tell my dad that? I bet he'll start being overprotective now. I rolled my eyes and went upstairs while they continued talking.

I didn't proof read, I apologise for any errors.
To be continued.....

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