Chapter 66

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Ayisha had told me what happened and I was livid. I went over to his mothers house to pick up Adonis. I can't believe I let this nigga take my kid only for him to let my son around his bitches. I got into the house and everyone looked at me.

Me: Where's my son?

Santiago: Damn well hello to you too.

Me: I'm not in the mood right now. Where's my son?

Ayisha: Upstairs with Ricky and his mother.

I nodded my head and went upstairs. I saw Adonis crying on Ricky's lap. Oh hell no.

Me: What did you do to him?

I asked fuming.

Ricky: It w......

Before he can even finish his sentence I took Adonis from him.

Adonis: Mommy?

Me: It's okay baby. I'm here now and we're going home.

Ricky got up and came over to me.

Me: Back the fuck up. I can't believe you right now Ricky. I let you have him for 2 days and you let him around your hoes already?

Ricky: Don't talk like that around him.

Me: I'll talk however I want around my son. I'm so done with you.

I walked downstairs only to be followed by this nigga. I then strapped Adonis up in his car seat. Yeah I bought my own car a year ago after I found a job. I'm a paediatrician.

Ricky: Don't do this man. I just got him.

Me: And you just lost him.

I said closing Adonis's door. I was about to get in the drivers seat but I got pulled back.

Ricky: Please.

Me: I trusted you with my son and your ass almost put him in danger because of your filthy dick.

Ricky: Just lemme....

Me: What? Explain? If only you stopped hoeing around, you'd still have Adonis.

Ricky: I'm not gon come into his life only for you to snatch me outta it.

Me: Too bad.

I heard him mumble "man". I felt my face being grabbed and felt his lips smash onto mine. I tried pulling away but he deepened the kiss even more. Our lips moved in sync and I couldn't help but feel safe again.

I know I'm probably dumb as fuck but how we're kissing right now feels so different. I felt him pull away but I wanted more. He looked me in my eyes.

Ricky: Don't take him away from me please.

I nodded my head. I felt like I was in a trance.

Adonis: Daddy?

Both of our heads snapped and we looked at Adonis. He started giggling.

Adonis: Daddy tiss mommy.

Oh my God. This boy. I rolled my eyes and got him outta his car seat.

Ricky: Imma take good care of him man I promise.

I felt tense.

Ricky: You of all people should know I never go back on my word.

Yeahhhh right. But I can't take Adonis away from him when he's never seen or been with him once. I sighed and unstrapped Adonis from his car seat. I then handed him Adonis.

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